8 new women say they experienced sexism at PlayStation

8 new women say they experienced sexism at PlayStation

Eight women who have worked or continue to officiate at playstation joined a class action lawsuit filed against the company, thus accused of Sexism. A lawsuit for “sex discrimination” was filed last November by a former employee who said she had been the victim of unfair dismissal.

The International Women’s Rights Day, celebrated a few days ago, was seen as a great unpacking on some sides. Although it was the next day that Axios reported that eight women had joined the class action lawsuit filed against PlayStation for sexism.

In November 2021, Emma Majo, a former computer security analyst, filed a lawsuit against PlayStation for “gender discrimination”. An action that Emma Majo had initiated after having been the victim, in her opinion, of an unfair dismissal for having rightly denounced sexism in the company. She also intended to act on behalf of all women who had suffered such behavior.

Accusations of “sex discrimination”: Sony had denied in February

Last February, Sony responded to these accusations by denying them, and the company’s lawyers then asked to dismiss the request for trial due to facts not specified by the plaintiff:

” [Mme Majo] failed to identify a single policy, practice or procedure at [PlayStation] which would have been the basis of widespread intentional discrimination or which would have had a discriminatory impact on women”.

It was obviously following this response that the former analyst added eight additional testimonies from women to the file. These have worked or continue to work within the PlayStation house. Only one currently officiates in the company.

Concerning the discriminations of which they would be or would have been victims, these women speak of employees dismissed from positions of responsibility, or who have been intimidated, and who have chosen to leave on their own because of discriminatory practices suffered. According to another employee, in office for more than 16 years, Sony would rarely draw on its female forces in the context of promotions.

The hearing to consider Sony’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit will be held next April at the earliest.

Source: Axios

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