9 beautiful books to give as a gift and to treat yourself to Christmas

Are you looking for an idea for a beautiful geek book to give to your loved ones for Christmas? We take care of everything.

2021 is coming to an end, and if you still haven’t finished your letter to Santa Claus, here is a selection of beautiful geek books to have fun at the foot of the tree. For millennials and for the not-so-young, the end of the year was once again rich in literary novelties, both in terms of comics and beautiful books. The opportunity to discover some nuggets from our favorite publishers.

Cats in pop culture

By Stéphanie Chaptal and Claire-France Thévenon – 208 pages
Published on November 10, 2021 by Ynnis editions – € 29.90

Since Grumpy Cat to Meowth, via Cat Bus and Cheshire Cat, felines have long invaded pop culture. Domesticated for millennia, the figure of the feline has taken on different roles throughout history: divine in Egypt, evil companion among witches, or comic phenomenon with the Nyan Cat, Stéphanie Chaptal and Claire-France Thévenon plunge us into the singular story of our furry friends, through more than 200 pages mixing tributes and reflections on the most ungrateful of companions. With its flexible and imposing format, Cats in pop culture will be the perfect gift for all animal lovers.

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By AD Jameson, illustrations by Andrew DeGraff – 157 pages
Published on November 10, 2021 by Ynnis editions – € 34.90

To be reserved for lovers of graphics and seasoned film buffs, Cinemaps retraces with dreamlike and elegance the travels of 35 cult films, since The Wizard of Oz To King Kong, Passing by The Lord of the Rings and Jurassic Park. The opportunity to better understand the peregrinations of the heroes of our favorite films, while enjoying the stunning mapped illustrations by Andrew DeGraff. A very beautiful book edited by Ynnis, which benefits in addition to his impressive artistic direction, from an in-depth analysis of the works cited, allowing the reader to better understand the progress of the illustrator in his work. Even if the result sometimes lacks readability (not easy to map Frodo’s adventures in Middle-earth), Cinemaps is a pleasure for the eyes, which we still never tire of.

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Tribute to The Witcher

By Yannick Chazareng – 127 pages
Published on November 10, 2021 by Ynnis editions – € 14.95

Literary, video game then serial phenomenon, the adventures of Geralt de Riv in The witcher have not finished making us dream. With this new mook tribute to the saga, Ynnis continues a collection started a few years ago, this time focused on the world of the Witcher. The opportunity to learn a little more about origins of the characters, but also on the challenges of the literary series imagined by Andrzej Sapkowski. With its cult bath scene, the Polish work has crossed borders to become a monument of pop culture, today worn by actor Henry Cavill. A feast for the eyes, but not only.

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Rahan, the black and white integral (T1)

By Roger Lécureux, illustrated by André Chéret – 600 pages
Published on November 17, 2021 by Éditions Soleil – € 39.95

With its XXL format and its superb boards all in black and white, Soleil is publishing this year the first volume of a Monochrome complete in five volumes of Rahan, the comic strip by Roger Lécureux and André Chéret, which began at the end of the 1960s in the very first issue of Pif Gadget. Published until 2010 despite the death of the original authors, Rahan remains today one of the most famous French comics of its time, in the pure tradition of the ninth Franco-Belgian art. a very nice gift for those nostalgic for comics and the cartoon, which will relive with passion the first adventures of the caveman with blond hair, brought together in a luxurious hard cover edition.

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Dragon Ball – The Super Book (T1)

By Akira Toriyama – 364 pages
Published on November 17, 2021 by Glénat Manga editions – € 32

First volume of an ambitious diptych dedicated to the cult universe of Akira Toriyama, The Super Book stands out as a real bible for all lovers of Dragon ball. With over 350 pages in Japanese reading direction, this official guide focused on the history and universe of the series will allow fans to relive some of the finest fights of Son Goku and his allies, while enjoying a full retrospective of the secret techniques used. A wide panorama of the places and peoples encountered by the characters will also allow you to learn a little more about the lore of the manga, from its origins to the most recent series such as Dragon ball super Where Nekomajin z. Add to the work of beautiful illustrations and exclusive interviews with Akira Toriyama, and you get the perfect gift for any geek.

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Pif, the great history of gadgets

By Rodolphe Massé – 232 pages
Published on September 17, 2021 by Huginn & Muninn editions – € 19.95

Over half a century ago, the magazine Pif Gadget revolutionized the children’s press, offering a tasty mix of comics, games and – above all – gadgets. Famous for its square egg making machine, popping peas or dazzling blaster, Pif Gadget has not left any reader indifferent since the 1970s. In this pretty, richly illustrated book by Huginn & Munnin, Rodolphe Massé returns with humor and nostalgia on the origins of a cult title, marked by its hundreds of accessories, each more wacky than the last. A nice gift to offer to older children, but also to younger ones. Too bad the gadgets are not provided.

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The 50 best movies you’ll never see

By Joshua Hull, PosterSpy Illustrations – 256 pages
Published on September 24, 2021 by Huginn & Muninn editions – € 24.94

Too ambitious or bizarre, not really achievable … some great films in the making have never seen the light of day. Since The Lord of the Rings from Kubrick to Catwoman by Tim Burton, Joshua Hill tells with humor and erudition the underside of a Hollywood that we will never know. The opportunity to understand why certain masterpieces of the seventh art ultimately never came to fruition, while questioning the place of pop culture in our daily lives. In addition to being particularly interesting for film lovers, the book is also full of fictitious posters signed by fifty artists from around the world. The opportunity to discover what Keanu Reeves could have looked like in Plastic Man, or Anthony Hopkins as Jack the Ripper.

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The Detective Conan Riddle – A Matter of Style

By Pierre-William Fregonese – 250 pages
Published on October 29, 2021 by Pix’n Love editions – € 24.90

Besides being one of the most prolific manga of its time, Detective Conan is also a tasty mix between noir novel, romantic comedy and choral series, with dozens of characters, each more endearing (and unbearable) than the next. With the elegance of Sherlock Holmes, the playfulness of James Bond, and the sense of analysis of Hercule Poirot, Shinichi Kudo, aka Conan Edogawa multiplies the tributes and inspirations to the greatest detectives around the world. The opportunity for Pierre-William Fregonese to offer us a major autopsy, that of an international triumph, with narration and breathless rhythm. Reserved for fans of the cult saga, the Pix’n Love editions shine once again with their choice of original subject, and their in-depth analyzes. A book as dense and complete as the 1000 or so episodes that make up the cult series.

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Super heroes, science or fiction?

By Mark Brake – 288 pages
Published on October 26, 2021 by Editions De Boeck – € 24.90

How many calories does Superman need to burn each day to maintain his super strength? How does Thor’s hammer work? Superhero movies are full of unanswered questions, which the writers are careful not to answer. It was without counting on Mark Brake, already author of Harry Potter, science or witchcraft? or from Science in Star Wars. With humor and pragmatism, the author sets out to debunk the biggest mysteries of the Marvel and DC stables, by questioning the merits of certain phenomena that are not really plausible. In the same spirit as the excellent series by Marion Montaigne You will die less stupid, the book is an opportunity to wonder (a little) about a universe that has permeated our Western culture for several decades.

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