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The Nothing phone (1) was released a few days ago and brings its share of new features. This is an opportunity to discover this very special smartphone and its innards through tips to know to take full advantage of Nothing’s first smartphone.

Nothing phone 1
Source: Frandroid – Robin Wycke

We’ve been waiting for it for months, it’s finally here: the Nothing phone (1). A smartphone that aims to be innovative, created by a brand founded by Carl Pei, former founder of OnePlus. Beyond its very original look, it offers a few functions, in particular at the level of the glyph, this LED system which reacts to notifications and makes it possible to illuminate a scene which one wants to immortalize. Here is an anthology of tricks which should improve your experience of the phone (1) of Nothing.

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Nothing phone (1)

Several of them have been spotted and shared on Twitter by Dylan RousselFrench developer and contributor to 9to5Google.

index title=”Glyph and music”]Make the glyph react to the music…

The glyph is that set of LEDs on the back of the phone that give it a weird shape. It is mainly used for notifications or for the camera, but it can be made to react to the music coming out of the smartphone’s speakers.

This functionality is not accessible by default, according to Dylan Roussel, it is not yet fully ready. But it can still be accessed, and the function says that ” the Glyph interface lights up in sync with the music playing through the speakers “. For that it is necessary :

  • Create a contact named ” Abra »
  • Go to settings, then ” Glyph interface “, then ” Ringtones »
  • Click on ” Add a contact » and select « Abra » and choose a ringtone
  • Once this is done, the parameter ” Music visualization appears in the glyph settings, in the ” Advanced Features and can be activated.

Rest assured, you won’t have to explain to your spouse who Abra is, since if you delete the contact, the ” Music visualization will still be available.

Replace the flash with the Nothing phone glyph (1)

We have already talked a lot about the glyph, but not everything has been said yet. Anyway, this is the main touch of originality of the Nothing phone (1). This set of LEDs also makes it possible to illuminate the scene that one wishes to immortalize.

To activate it, just open the camera and click on the flash icon, clicking it several times, we see the glyph icon appear, as well as the mention “ Glyph fill light “. The light intensity of the LEDs is independent of the settings of the glyph and it will be pushed to the maximum when taking a photo. An option which is also available when recording a video, which can be rather practical and which can avoid going up in ISO and degrading the video quality of the smartphone.

Increase the size of an app icon

The Nothing phone (1) comes with an interface based on Android 12 and called Nothing Launcher. If it does not revolutionize the experience of an Android smartphone, it offers some additions, although they are not the most useful.

You can enlarge the size of an application icon so that it takes up the equivalent of four applications on the home screen. To do this, simply press and hold the desired application, then click on ” To broaden and it’s done. To restore an application to its basic size, you have to long press on it and click on “ Minimize “. Note that this option also works for application folders, which can also take up four spaces.

Activate the Nothing phone indicator light (1) for videos

The Nothing phone (1) is equipped with a recording indicator light; it is a red LED that flashes when recording a video. To activate it, you have to go to the camera settings by clicking on the arrow at the very top of the screen and then on the three dots at the top right.

Once in the application settings, go to the ” Video and turn on the recording light.

The Nothing phone registration indicator (1) // Source: Frandroid

Use exclusive Nothing Launcher widgets

In addition to being able to enlarge application icons on the home screen, the Nothing Launcher offers four exclusive widgets. The manipulation to create and delete widgets is the same as that on other Android smartphones.

Among these widgets, all stylized with Nothing sauce, there are two clocks, one digital and one analog. There is also a weather widget as well as a ” Insight which displays the date and weather. It must be recognized that the latter is not very readable depending on the wallpaper you are using. We see a certain lack of care on the part of Nothing since the wallpaper we used is one of those provided with the Nothing Launcher.

Prevent screen from turning off while looking at it

The English-speaking videographer Shiv Tech showed on his YouTube channel how to prevent the screen of the Nothing phone (1) from turning off the moment you look at it. On our side, this option works as long as the face is in front of the smartphone. To activate this feature, there are a few steps to follow:

  • Go to phone settings
  • Go to section « Screen “, then ” Screen timeout ” in the section ” Lock Screen »
  • Activate the option ” Gaze on screen »

Use floating windows on Nothing Launcher

By going to the list of recently opened applications, we can use the floating window mode — a kind of picture-in-picture for applications, dubbed “ Pop-up window view », which allows you to create a flying window with an application, which can be moved to the sides of the screen. Be careful though, you cannot watch YouTube videos while having another application open at the same time. However, for video calls it can be very practical.

To use it, just click on the icon of the desired application by going to recent applications. Several actions will be proposed and you will have to click on “ Pop-up window view “.

How to show more apps on Nothing phone screen (1)

By default, the Nothing phone (1) displays four apps wide on home screens. If you prefer to display five, it is possible. For that it is necessary :

  • Go to the device settings and go to the ” Personalization », then in the subsection « Wallpaper and style »
  • At the very bottom, click on ” App grid »
  • Click on ” 5×5 », then on « Apply »

Please note, this change will also affect the application drawer, which will increase to five applications in width.

Connect the Nothing phone (1) to a Tesla car

An integration in the Nothing phone (1) was added in the last update, it allows you to connect to your Tesla. Some functions are available, they allow among other things to open the doors, to turn on the air conditioning or to know the autonomy available. We have not tested this feature, which is experimental at the moment, which means that bugs may occur.

To access it, just go to the phone settings, then:

  • Go to section « Experimental features »
  • Click on ” Connect to Tesla »
  • Log in to your Tesla Account

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