A battle royale battlefield would be in preparation at DICE

Not happy to have one of the most popular titles of the genre under its fold with Apex Legends, Electronic Arts would have a new game battle royale in its boxes… And not the least. Franchise Battlefield of DICE could thus pass to the mill of the “1 against 100” if one believes the last rumors of it.

This information came straight from a podcast specially devoted to the behind-the-scenes development of the game by American journalist and insider Tim Henderson (IGN, VideoGamesChronicles).

Follow the trend, no matter what

Little information has thus filtered out on this supposed new battle royale game. Battlefield. If nothing has yet been decided at Electronic Arts — and even less formalized — this project would be expected in the near future… But not for all that planned for “soon”. Henderson is hinting that the game may find itself on a release horizon starting in the second half of next year. The American journalist specifies that this project could be susceptible to many last minute changes, even more in the complicated context of the launch of Battlefield 2042.

Regarding this last episode, the podcast goes back and forth behind the scenes of its development through information gleaned from internal sources of the DICE studio. Thereby, Battlefield 2042 would only have had a year and three months of actual development: the game began production as … Battle Royale, before changing direction to a Battlefield more “classic” during the month of August 2020. These many changes would have had a profound impact on the development of the game, and would partly explain the many technical problems, but also the controversial gameplay decisions that marked the launch of Battlefield 2042 last month.

a hero shooter also on the program?

A few days ago, Henderson informed us that another project Battlefield would also be in the DICE boxes — with a much different twist than usual. It would not be a Battlefield classic, nor of a royal battle, but of a hero shooter—An FPS featuring unique characters in arena matches. This new title would thus ignore armies and class systems to count only on the presence of the famous specialists introduced in Battlefield 2042.

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