A big name in the video game will try to save Battlefield 2042

This is good news, but which must also be accompanied by a clear change in philosophy if Battlefield 2042 is to experience the success that it seemed promised.

To say the least, the launch of the latest Battlefield was a resounding fiasco for EA. Since the release, the technical teams have struggled with major fixes. But it will certainly take more to save the ship from sinking; EA has therefore chosen to engage the services of a well-respected character in the video game industry in the person of Vince Zampella, the boss of the Respawn studio.

It is therefore a seasoned professional who arrives at the bar to go out 2042 from the storm. He will now lead the franchise Battlefield with his vast experience, gleaned from his work on many successful titles such as Titanfall, the series Medal of Honor and Call of Duty, or more recently Apex Legends.

In an interview with GameSpot, the person gave some details about his vision for the future of Battlefield 2042. “We want to build a complete Battlefield universe, with many interconnected projects centered around the player”, He explains. “We will continue to evolve Battlefield 2042, and we will explore new experiences and new business models that we can graft onto the foundations already in place to provide a wide range of great experiences for our players.

Hopefully in any case that it will be as effective in giving new life to 2042 than to handle the tongue of wood. Because at first glance, this statement inspires absolutely no good. Those who hoped to hear him talk about the countless bugs or the game design questionable are something to be disappointed about. In essence, Zampella is hinting that the studio is working on lots of new large-scale concepts; with these new promises which must now be taken with a grain of salt, the EA / DICE couple certainly hope to distract attention from this catastrophic launch.

A new breath or a simple diversion?

In any case, this is a rather unwelcome smokescreen in the current context, and a very bad message sent to the community. Before hearing about a future that is still a matter of complete abstraction, most gamers would like to be able to enjoy a game worthy of the name after paying what looks like a beta at a high price.

This communication therefore borders on denial, because in the current state of affairs, it is inconceivable to add material to these foundations which barely stand. And it is not the statements of EA communicators that will heal this wound. In the same interview with GameSpot, the chief operating officer of the firm said that her troops “were working collectively to unlock the immense potential” Game…

A formulation excruciatingly clumsy. Because for such a blockbuster, it does not seem exaggerated to wait until this potential is already concrete by the date of the release – and not several months after having paid for the game… In the best case, this statement testifies to its talents to handle the tongue of wood. And at worst, it’s a resounding admission of weakness that shows a total disconnection from the expectations of the players.

DICE seems to have realized the magnitude of the problem, and the developers are continuing to do their best to make up for it; yesterday’s update has for example fixed more than a hundred bugs. But concern remains over commercial decisions around the title. The farmers seem determined to milk as much as possible a poor cow which has only skin on its bones for the moment. The future will tell us if Battlefield 2042 will ultimately be entitled to its redemption, but that will take much more than promises and jargon corporate.

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