a big update brings a lot of exciting new features

Innersloth has thought big for the latest Among us update, check out all of its new features

On November 9, Innersloth released version 2021.11.09 of its favorite game Among Us which brings a ton of interesting new features, both in terms of gameplay and cosmetics. At a time when the clones of the infiltration game emerge at various studios, Among Us continues to expand and refine its playability. Discover in video all the new features introduced in the last update.

New roles in Among Us

As promised by Innersloth several months ago, big changes are coming in-game, including the introduction of new roles. On the side of the crewmates – or members of the crew – we note the arrival of roles Scientist, Engineer and Guardian Angel. On the side of the impostors, only the role Shapeshifter has been added.

The Scientist has access to other players’ vital data at all times and can recharge their battery by completing tasks. The engineer can use the ventilation ducts to move around. Finally, the Guardian Angel can summon a shield to protect the rest of the crew. The Shapeshifter, on the other hand, can copy the appearance of any crew member to go unnoticed.

Unlock cosmetic items with Cosmicubes

Next, Innersloth introduces a whole new way to earn customization items for your Space Bean. These are the Cosmicubes, a system through which collecting certain materials allows you to unlock cosmetics according to a predefined path. A bit like a skill tree in an action-adventure game, but with some customization elements instead.

There are paid and free versions of the Cosmicubes, which should attract as many people as possible. The various Cosmicubes can be purchased with Beans or Stars, but their content can only be unlocked by earning Pods while playing. For the occasion, Innersloth presented new cosmetic elements, including identification plates, hats and skins.

Finally, Innersloth announces that the trophies, or achievements, will be available on all platforms that have this type of reward. This is particularly the case on PC, but also on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, on which the game is expected from December 14. Players on consoles will then already have all these new features unlocked.

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