a brand new interface inspired by Android 12?

Google is reportedly planning to add the Material You design from Android to the Android version of its Google Chrome browser with version 100. In fact, the color palette used by Chrome will change depending on the user’s wallpaper.

As you may know, Google introduced a major new feature with Android 12: Material You. This is an original design that redraws totally the look and feel of Google’s OS and applications from the web giant. As Google explained, Material You could be summed up by increased interface customization. It is in any case the primary objective of the Mountain View firm.

In effect, your theme changes color according to your wallpaper, and these changes apply to almost the entire interface, be it notifications, the lock screen, widgets and of course Google’s flagship apps, but also some third-party apps. We also find a new control center and a redesigned control panel. Animations in general are also smoother.

Google is currently working to integrate Material You with its most popular apps and services. However, Google Chrome, the company’s flagship browser, must take a symbolic step soon. Google Chrome will soon welcome its version 100, just like Mozilla Firefox for that matter.

Google Chrome adopts the design of Android 12

However, as our colleagues from the Android Police site report, Google is currently testing the Material You design on the Chrome 100 beta on Android. What does it change ? First, the color palette used by Chrome changes depending on the user’s desktop background. Just like on your smartphone, these changes apply to different elements of Chromesuch as the three-dot menu on the top bar, the animated page reload icon or even in the application settings.

Note that if you’re currently testing the Chrome 100 beta, these Material You-related improvements may not appear immediately, as Google enables this server-side feature. As a reminder, version 99 of Chrome was deployed on March 2, 2022. This build was content to integrate a few minor new features, such as a new shortcut for downloadsthe arrival of support for handwriting recognition or changes on the side of ad blockers.

Source: Android Police

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