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a breath of fresh air on the MCU?

The MCU’s first teenage production on Disney+, Miss Marvel intends to breathe a breath of fresh air into the cinematic universe.

How do you recognize a superhero fan? To the number of lines he can cite by heart, to his collection of by-products… What if the true aficionados of superheroes were ultimately those who imitate them for good? This is the question explored Miss Marvelnew production of the firm with the scarlet logo.

As a teenager, a little geeky on the edges, Kamala Khan has to deal with the problems linked to her life as a teenager and the sudden appearance of magical powers. A big fan of Captain Marvel, the young girl will quickly put her new abilities at the service of good, to walk in the footsteps of Miss Marvel.

For Iman Vellani, who plays the main character, this series tries to pay tribute to all the fans who around the world follow each of the Marvel films with attention. “It’s very cool to play with this idea, especially as a fan for years. I can now share this enthusiasm for superheroes with Kamala. I hope that all the geeks around the world who will see this, will find all this notion in the story.

The directors also have a certain admiration for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so it was an accomplishment to step behind the camera. “After Bad Boys 3, we thought the next step would be to make a Marvel movie. We wanted to be interested in a Muslim superhero, chance: Marvel was working on a film with a Muslim superhero.

It must be said that this is the first time that the house of ideas has taken this route, and this obviously involves some changes in the recipe. The inspirations are numerous, all aiming to support the purpose of this origin story.

A teen movie with multiple inspirations

But the series does not forget its real ambition, that of telling adolescence and its challenges. For this, the directors drew their inspiration from the classics of the genre, starting with the films of John Hughes. “What was important for us was to have things a little different from the rest of the MCU. It wasn’t in the script at the start, but we wanted to have comic book-style animations to pay homage to this whole dimension. It was very important.”

While the MCU invests the ranks of Disney +, Kevin Feige is going a bit off the beaten track with more ambitious and original productions. After the sitcom with Wanda visionthe thriller with Moon Knightit’s time to dip into teenage productions with Miss Marvel.

lady bird, Booksmart and the films of John Hughes, the new Marvel series tries to pay homage to some classics of the genre, while establishing itself as superheroic entertainment at all times. This is how the directors operate a few changes in the origin story of the teenager, to better paint the portrait of a youth torn between its responsibilities and the weight of a family heritage, and the challenges of a life of classic high school student. Things are all the more complicated for Kamala Khan, who must also deal with the appearance of strange superpowers.

On the side of the powers besides, the filmmakers entrust having chosen to operate some changes on this side. “I believe Kevin wanted it to be an adaptation without being a literal translation. But we thought it was important to pay homage to the writings, when you watch episode 2 with your nose, it’s a symbol that refers to the changing body. Crystals are a bit different, but we wanted to include a sequence with her hand growing to wink.”

Marked production

Whether Miss Marvel stands out as a different production from the rest of the films in the cinematic universe, the creators do not have quite a clear field. The series is intimately linked to another production of the house of ideas: captain marvel 2. We said it above, the young woman is obsessed with the superheroine, she should join her in the second part of her adventures in the cinema. For Iman Vellani, the series therefore acts as a warm-up lap.

“It’s intimidating to work with big names, but Brie has been by my side since I was recruited. I am much calmer when I arrive on the set of The Marvels. The series gave me a better understanding of how filming works, because I’ve never acted in a series in my entire life. I gained a lot of experience.”

For the directors, it’s different music, since it was a question of conforming to a much larger plot.

“We had a lot of freedom with Kevin Feige, with the basis of the script. We were very lucky to be able to do new things. On the other hand, if we asked what happens in Doctor Strange or Spider-Man, he gave us no information (laughs editor’s note). If there is a problem, we ask why and he replies: ‘no, we’re not going to tell you’. Stay in this direction?”

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