A bundle of several hundred independent games to support Ukraine

A bundle of several hundred independent games to support Ukraine

To respond to the humanitarian drama which is currently bruising theUkrainethe site itch.io and many independent developers have just launched a bundle all funds will be donated to two charities. Already more than $700,000 has been raised.

As usual now, the itch.io site, a haunt of many independent video games, is carrying out an operation that sheds light on a significant portion of its shelves on the one hand, and on the other hand on a humanitarian drama. requiring extensive support. Previous initiatives for equality and justice and in solidarity for Palestine had been successful.

Today, the war in Ukraine, which is in its thirteenth day, also requires international mobilization in the hope of ending with as few casualties as possible. It is quite soberly that the “Bundle for Ukraine” was born on this Tuesday.

10 dollars minimum for the “Bundle for Ukraine”, already more than 700,000 collected

If the concept is still foreign to you, this type of operation consists in offering, for a low minimum price and a limited duration, an astronomical quantity of video game content. All donations raised will go to charities, here at International Medical Corps and Voices of Children. This bundle (or pack) is no exception to the rule since at the time of writing, it includes nearly a thousand titles from more than 700 creators. The entrance fee is however higher than for Palestinian aid, since it goes from 5 to 10 dollars. A detail, knowing moreover that the creators of the operation encourage to give more.

Just a handful of the games on offer have the power to keep morale at a decent level: CrossCode, SUPERHOT, 2064: Read Only Memories, A Short Hike, Baba is Youand it doesn’t matter if a number of them are already part of your itch.io toy library.

The occasion is also that of discovering works that have passed under the radar, such as NINA AQUILA: LEGAL EAGLE, SEASON ONE, released last summer with relative indifference. Not content with featuring a woman with a devilishly attractive eye patch as the main character, the game is a simulation of lawyers à la Phoenix Wright with a particularly present parody spirit.

This bundle, which has already raised more than $700,000, will remain available for purchase for ten days.

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