Tiger King Joe Exotic

a character sues Netflix

While season 2 of Tiger King is awaited by viewers around the world, one of the main characters refuses to appear on the screen, and has filed a complaint against Netflix.

In the first season of Tiger king, Netflix plunged its audience into the war of ego between eccentric Joe Exotic, and big cat lover Carole Baskin. After an audience card for the red N, and an end in suspense for the protagonists, it was logical that the giant of the SVOD gives us a second season. Yes but here it is: the documentary series produced by Netflix did not please everyone when it was released last year, starting with some of the main characters.

Central role of the first season of Tiger king, Carole Baskin thought that she would only participate in the documentary as a speaker to discuss the trafficking of wild animals. Those who have seen the series actually know it the mysterious widow holds a central place in the plot from the documentary series. Victim of several assassination attempts by Joe Exotic (who ends season 1 in prison), and herself accused of having had her first husband killed, the owner of the animal protection center Big Cat Rescue had not not really appreciated the portrait drawn by directors Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin.

Carole Baskin no longer wants to appear in the series

Determined to cut ties with Tiger king, Carole Baskin had unsurprisingly refused to participate in the second season of the Netflix series. After having occupied such a decisive role in the original plot, it is difficult, however, to no longer evoke the character. In a new trailer, we discover several archive images featuring the owner of Big Cat Rescue, with special attention paid to her first husband Don Lewis. Still in prison after attempting to assassinate his rival, Joe Exotic seems determined to lift the veil on this mysterious death. A situation that did not please the main interested party, who chose to file a complaint against Netflix as well as against the producers of the series. She insists in particular that all the images featuring her, as well as those showing her feline protection center be deleted from the new season.

Against a backdrop of plots, trafficking and assassinations, Tiger king 2 announces itself more explosive and crazy than ever. And whether she likes it or not, Carole Baskin is likely to play a central role in the plot this second season. See you on November 17 on Netflix to have the end of the story.

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