Un extraterrestre

A chilling discovery on Mars sounds like an alien doorway

As part of the Mars Science Laboratory missionthe Curiosity rover left Earth in 2012 to collect data on the geology and meteorology of Mars. It is equipped with sensors capable of measuring the level of radiation hitting Martian soil. Equipped with a embedded camera called ChemCam, it send pictures regularly and other analytical data to scientists back on Earth. However, this rover recently transmitted a series of photos of the Martian relief which shocked scientists. One of the photos taken on May 07, 2022 clearly shows a crack in the rock which looks like a door carved into the mountainside.

An extraterrestrial

This discovery looks like a tunnel leading directly to a cave hidden under the Martian soil. This opening cut in the rock sends shivers down the spinebecause it suggests the presence of a small Martian refuge or a portal to an unknown universe made by an alien civilization. Worthy of a science fiction film, this surprising discovery has attracted the attention of geologists around the world.

After original image processingscientists were able to observe more closely this strange geological formation discovered in a large sloping plain called Greenheugh pediment.

Many questions about this mysterious formation

Some of them try to find a scientific explanation to this phenomenon and suggest that what appears as a door in the photo is in fact a shear fracture due to stresses on the rock or earthquakes.

source: parismatch.com

Note that the biggest earthquake ever recorded on the red planet occurred on May 4th. Even if this Martian gate seems to sink deep into the ground and looks as big as the entrance to a house, it is possible that it only a few centimeters from above. Indeed, the photographs do not make it possible to determine the exact dimensions of this excavation.

So it’s not impossible that this mysterious door finds a scientific and rational explanation, as was the case for the supposed “alien hut” photographed by a Chinese rover on the Moon which was in fact only the result of a play of light and perspective.

Other strange shots collected on Mars or on the Moon

Scientists never tire of these weird and wonderful shots transmitted to them by landers and orbiters sent into space. Since space vehicles send them close ups of Martian landforms, they were able to observe strange phenomena like craters filled with ice, hollow mountains and discovered other surprising rock formations.

Some discoveries made people think of extraterrestrial structures much to the delight of ancient astronaut theorists convinced of the existence of other civilizations. But these grainy images are not reliable and deserve careful analysis.


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