a complete, robust and affordable electric mountain bike

The Eskute Netuno is an all-terrain electric bike that stands out for its affordable price and interesting features for this type of machine. We tried it for a few weeks, here is our verdict.

The Netuno is one of the flagship models of the Eskute brand. This electric mountain bike is delivered 90% assembled, and all you have to do is mount the front wheel, the pedals and the handlebars using the keys included, and you’re done!

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The Netuno has a rather pleasant and different aluminum design compared to more classic models. It offers a nice finish, quite robust, with well thought-out cable passages. We find, for example, on the handlebars, a screen fully embedded in the entire frame. This small 3.7-inch Bafang LCD display provides all important information at a glance and can also be read without difficulty in direct sunlight. The control part located just below is extremely robust as well as easy to use. The screen thus displays the mileage, the speed or the level of the battery and the assistance.

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Everything can be connected to the ESKUTE application in order to have the display of the voltage, the simple mileage, the total mileage, or even the percentage of power. Unfortunately, this app is currently only available on iOS and we were unable to test it.

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The bike is equipped with a Shimano 7-speed derailleur, as well as a Bafang M200 motor, on the rear wheel, which is fairly silent, offering a nominal power of 250 W and a maximum torque of 45 Nm. 5 levels of assistance, and a maximum speed of up to 25km/h. This bike does not have a so-called “scooter” mode in the European version, so you have to pedal with or without the assistance to move forward. It is fully compliant with French legislation, and even comes with a certificate. Note that it is a 27.5 inch mountain bike, therefore for people with a minimum height of 1.70 m, and that its payload capacity is 125 kg.

On the safety side, we are entitled to front and rear mechanical disc brakes (by cable) rather reactive whose handles fall well to hand. A fairly powerful LED front light is directly connected to the battery, while the rear one is powered by AAA batteries, a small regret on this point. The bike also has reflectors on the wheels.

If we stay on the front of the bike, we can also note the Zoom suspension fork, which although entry level, will be more than sufficient for light off-road riding and excellent for urban riding. It is also possible to adjust the hardness of it.

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In the frame, we discover a removable 522Wh (36V, 15Ah) lithium-ion battery from Samsung protected by a key. The manufacturer announces a huge autonomy of 100 km thanks to it.

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Finally, the DX3000 27.5″ tires are Kenda brand, rather robust and wide. As for the saddle, it remains basic, but not as uncomfortable as it seems. Incidentally, we regret the lack of mudguards, at least at the rear.

Pleasant drive, performance to match

The Netuno electric bike offers a fairly “relaxed” ride rather focused on the front. It is a mountain bike, but more for hiking in the forest, on paths or roads, than really cross country for which it lacks aggressiveness.

Indeed, its fluid assistance allows for smooth assistance, but with a little lack of responsiveness, it takes time to give full power, which makes the ride quieter compared to some more aggressive models, but also more expensive.

Regarding the derailleur, it is quite precise and silent, we had no problem during our rides.

The wide tires allow for good grip on all terrains. As for the braking, it’s not direct like with hydraulic brakes, but still very responsive. As you will have understood, the Netuno is a fairly agile mountain bike that offers a pleasant and fluid ride.

We haven’t mentioned its weight yet, but it weighs 25kg, which is within the norm for an electric mountain bike at this price. Despite everything, it seemed to me lighter than some competitors, the weight is also well distributed over the length of the latter.

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A long autonomy, a practical battery

As you may have noticed, the Netuno is equipped with a fully removable battery (via a key), which allows it to be recharged either attached to the bike or removed from it. This is especially handy if you can’t ride your bike to the 6th floor of your building.

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Another interesting point is that the bike can be driven without a battery, and if unfortunately Eskute does not deliver a cover to cover the hole in the frame, being able to use it like a classic bike is a serious asset. Without a battery, the bike loses a few significant pounds!

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In terms of autonomy, the 522W lithium battery from Samsung allows, according to the manufacturer, up to 100 km (in ECO mode). In reality and with average assistance, we are more around 60 km, which is already enormous for this type of bike. Note that the battery has a BMS management system, allowing it to be safer and more durable. Finally, the battery charge time is about 6 hours.

Where to buy it?

Eskute’s Netuno is available for France for 1299 euros and it comes with a U-lock, headset and phone holder. Shipping is free (shipping from Europe) and VAT included.

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