a connected bath mat without constraints

a connected bath mat without constraints

Connected scales make it possible to collect an ever greater amount of data on the body, but they have a flaw: you have to remember to go and weigh yourself. And sometimes, it happens that the desire is lacking or that we want to avoid bad news in the morning! This is where Baracoda’s new product comes in.

The BBalance sounds like a joke: do we really need a smart bath mat? Yet the idea is not devoid of meaning. Unlike a scale where you have to make the conscious gesture of weighing yourself, resting for a few moments on a bath mat is quite natural. It is with this idea in mind that the start-up Baracoda has developed this new product.

A not so stupid idea

Because of course, the BBalance is no ordinary bath mat. On the contrary, it is a control tower which measures numerous physical and bodily data: weight, body composition, posture or even balance, or almost everything. And again, without thinking about it. No effort is required from the user, the product resembling a very classic bath mat.

To reduce stress related to weighing and possible weight gain, the BBalance does not have a screen. The user must go to the dedicated mobile application to obtain this information, if desired. It is only notified in the event of significant variations in a metric. The app adds advanced posture analysis to prevent back pain and detect early scoliosis in adolescents.

People undergoing rehabilitation will also be able to obtain an assessment of their balance, as will the elderly who are more prone to falls. The mat also incorporates an automatic recognition system by artificial intelligence, which allows it to distinguish the user thanks to the footprints. Finally, the app will offer personalized exercises to improve health (muscle strengthening, relaxation exercises, etc.).

BBalance is currently offered on Indiegogo, where the project has more than met its funding targets. The price is set at $ 229 for deliveries starting in April 2022.

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