a connected scale and a complete health service for Withings

The French manufacturer Withings, specialist in connected health devices, is launching on the occasion of the IFA a new hyper precise and complete connected scale, but also a new subscription service.

Gone are the days when scales simply displayed weight! Connected models are able to go much further, and in this area Withings has managed to make a name for itself thanks to ever more elaborate products. This is the case of the brand new Body Comp, which improves sensors and algorithms for ever more precise and complete information on the body.

Go further in understanding health data

The scale has enhanced multi-frequency bio-impedance capabilities, which allows it to monitor certain chronic disease risks. The Body Comp is able to record complete body composition, which involves weight of course, but also muscle mass, fat mass, water percentage, bone mass, BMI and visceral fat, a first (it is the fat around the organs located in the abdominal area).

The device can also perform a cardiovascular assessment (heart rate and vascular age, ie the flexibility of the blood vessels) and assess the health of the nervous system. For this last category, Withings has developed a nerve health score calculated from the electrochemical conductivity of the skin.

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All of this information is collected in Withings’ Health Mate app of course, but to make sense of that data, the manufacturer has come up with a new subscription-based health service. Health+ helps to understand and make the most of health data by providing tools, information and “missions” that aim to change user behavior for better health.

The Body Comp connected scale will be available from October 4, at a price of €209.95. It includes 12 months of subscription to Health+, the price of which is not yet known.

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