a crossover with Deadpool is in the works

During the Emmy Awards red carpet, a Variety reporter spoke with Shawn Levy, producer of Netflix’s flagship series Stranger Things. It was about the development of the STCU, the cinematic universe of Stranger Things. Obviously, Eleven and the others could meet an emblematic Marvel character, a certain Deadpool!

crossover deadpool stranger things

Over the seasons, Stranger Things has become a true pop-culture phenomenon and one of the most watched series on Netflix. With its fourth season and its feature-length episodes, the show has exceeded one billion hours of viewing, alongside Squid Game.

Of course, a season 5 is already in preparation and it should arrive earlier than expected according to the creators of the series, namely the Duffer brothers. It will also be the end point of the adventures of Eleven, Hopper and the others. Nevertheless, Netflix does not intend to abandon the universe created by Matt and Ross Duffer, quite the contrary.

A spin-off is already in the cards, while the platform has formalized the creation of the STCU, the Stranger Things Cinematic Universe. Just like Marvel therefore, Netflix aims to create an entire cinematic universe around Stranger Things. During the last Emmy Awards ceremony, the journalist Marc Malkin of the Variety site was able to talk quickly on the red carpet with Shawn Levy, director and executive producer of Stranger Things.

The STCU is on its way, a Deadpool-Stranger Things crossover on the table

The filmmaker confirmed that the development of the SCTU was in progress. He also relies on the advice and expertise of a certain Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios and main instigator of the MCU, to create the universe of Stranger Things.

In addition, it should be noted that the STCU is not the only project on fire from Shawn Levy, since he must box the next Deadpool film. In fact, can we imagine a possible crossover between the two licenses, while recent rumors evoked the presence of Ryan Reynolds aka Deadpool in season 5? Shawn Levy’s answer is rather heartening.

Amusingly enough, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds and I tried to figure out how we could do a Deadpool – Stranger Things crossover. We haven’t found it yet, but it’s on the table.” he assured the Variety reporter. This has the merit of being clear.

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