a cult Nintendo 64 game is coming to the service

To end the summer season in style, Nintendo has a nostalgic aquatic surprise for its subscription service.

Nintendo continues to pamper its subscribers to the Switch Online service with the addition of a cult title to its retro catalog. At the rate of one new game per month, the Nintendo 64 offer has slowly but surely been enriched with the most outstanding games of the era of this console. The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask, Banjo-Kazooie or Paper Marioso many memorable games are now playable on Switch with a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack.

To start the summer of 2022 in style, Nintendo added to its service two titles from a franchise whose success is no longer to be proven. The Pokémon license then invaded the service with the addition of Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Puzzle Leagueto the delight of budding trainers who are impatiently awaiting the arrival of the episodes Purple and Scarlet. Last month, Nintendo assured that the service would continue to be enriched with a slew of cult titlesand this month’s addition is likely to appeal to the most nostalgic.

Before Wii Sport Resort there was Wave Race 64

Offered in some Nintendo 64 console packs in its time, Wave Race 64 is one of those games that has not failed to mark players. Real action condensed with a rather convincing physics for the time, this title offers frenzied jet ski races. With its circuits filled with obstacles and other waves, the tricks follow one another and the feeling of speed is stunning.

If you are in lack of thrills or sea air, Wave Race 64 rushes to Nintendo Switch Online and will be playable this Friday, August 19. Some of you may be more familiar with its sequel released on Gamecube in 2001, but unfortunately this console is not available in the Nintendo Subscription Add-on Pack. Nevertheless, new consoles could soon arrive, starting with the Gameboy and the Gameboy Advance whose home emulator leaked a few months ago.

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