a device that revolutionizes automatic cleaning

Since 2015, the date of the launch of its activities, the company Dreame Technology has set itself the mission of enabling households to empower their lives through intelligent cleaning appliances. Building on this, it launched a brand new device in November 2021: the Dreame W10 robot vacuum cleaner. Presented as the vacuum cleaner that will revolutionize automatic cleaning, the Dreame W10 is intended to be intelligent, autonomous and multitasking. Does it really live up to its reputation? Find out with this test.

Dreame W10 robot: both for sweeping and cleaning

At Dreame, the W10 is categorized as a robot vacuum mop. This category brings together all robot vacuum cleaners capable of sucking up dust and absorbing liquids at the same time. In other words, the Dreame W10 robot is a hybrid device for vacuuming and mopping.

The two functions are in principle used separately on the vast majority of robot vacuum cleaners. However, the Dreame W10 has been designed so that it is possible to perform several tasks simultaneously. Therefore, the robot is able to mop the floor while vacuuming. To this we must add the fact that the device is also self-cleaning, which makes it a 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner.

The scan function

To ensure the sweeping function, the Dreame W10 robot has a brush at the front and two pads at the back. Its suction power is 4Kp, which allows it to clean efficiently and with precision. Thanks to this equipment, this robot vacuum cleaner is able to:

  • vacuum dust;
  • pick up debris;
  • rid the crumbs

The cleaning function

In addition to its function as a vacuum cleaner, the Dreame W10 vacuum robot is also used for cleaning. To do this, the device is equipped with mops which come in the form of fringed pads and which make it capable of:

  • mop up liquids;
  • clean stains and grime.

Each cleaning session is then punctuated by phases during which the robot vacuum cleaner returns to its base. This one, intended at first glance to serve as a recharging base, also serves as a base for cleaning mops.

So when the mops absorb a certain amount of liquid, the robot returns to its base for them to be wrung out and cleaned, then it returns to the cleaning site until it is completely clean.

The self-cleaning function

Water tanks

The Dreame W10 is a self-cleaning vacuum cleaner, capable of cleaning this equipment on its own. For this, it was equipped with two water tanks with a capacity of 4 liters. One contains the liquids from wringing and cleaning the mops while the other contains the clean water that is used to clean the mops after they are wrung out.

Once the mops have been wrung out and cleaned at the end of the cleaning cycle, the appliance automatically produces hot air which allows them to dry. They are thus kept dry and clean for the next cleaning cycle, eliminating at the same time any risk of bacteria and mold growth.

Robot Dreame W10: several cleaning modes

For each of its suction and cleaning functions, the Dreame W10 has several modes.

Cleaning methods according to the type of floor

First, the robot vacuum cleaner automatically adapts its cleaning mode to the surface it is cleaning. It has a method of cleaning hard floors such as tiles or parquet for example and another way to clean softer surfaces like carpets.

Cleaning methods according to the type of dirt

The Dreame W10 robot also adapts to the type of dirt to be cleaned. It therefore has a cleaning mode for dry soil (sweeping and vacuuming) and a wet cleaning mode (mops). Cleaning also automatically adjusts to dried-on stains and grime.

Robot Dreame W10: a state-of-the-art device

The Dreame W10 robot is an intelligent device and as such it is characterized by automated operation. It has been developed so that cleaning and vacuuming is done without human intervention.

The Dreame W10 maps its surroundings in great detail when it is turned on for the first time. This includes all the obstacles in the house. Mapping is done in a maximum of 5 minutes. Then, it proceeds to a regular update of this card, if it happened that the configuration of your interior decoration changes. For this, the device has:

  • a multitude of high-precision motion sensors;
  • several navigation algorithms;
  • of positioning by vision.

If this is a feature specific to most robot vacuum cleaners, remember that the Dreame W10 has a particularity: the update of the map of its environment is 12 times faster than the average, this, due to the brand new SLAM navigation system based on LiDAR.

Thanks to this, mapping can be done in an intelligent way, taking into account corners and obstacles. Better, it can be done in total darkness for all rooms, and this, on several floors. The memory of the device is such that it can contain the cartography of 3 floors.

Autonomy and charging time

We saw a recharge time of around 4 hours when the battery is depleted. However, if the robot runs out of battery, it will automatically recharge to resume work later. The battery runs out after about 2 hours of cleaning.

The price

The Dreame W10 robot will be released on January 22 at a price of €1099.99. However, benefit from an introductory price of €889.99 with an additional €54 discount by following this link.

Our opinion on the Dreame W10 robot

In view of all the features of the Dreame W10 robot, we can say that the device lives up to its reputation. Not only does its shape make it practical, but it is also autonomous and intelligent.

A very handy device

The Dreame W10 robot has a D-shape, chosen to allow the device to slip easily everywhere, even under furniture. Thanks to it, the robot vacuum cleaner is able to clean edges and corners cleanly.

An autonomous robot vacuum cleaner

With two water tanks with a capacity of 4L, the Dreame W10 robot vacuum cleaner is very autonomous, which allows it to clean a relatively large area in a single cleaning cycle. Moreover, with its high capacity battery, it is able to clean and vacuum up to 300 m² in a single charge cycle according to the supplier. However, according to our calculations, we are more on 100 m².

A smart device

The Dreame W10 is smart not only because it cleans itself, but also because it recharges automatically by reaching its charging base on its own. When you have it, you hardly have to do anything except schedule cleaning and sweeping sessions from a dedicated mobile app. From this application, you also have access to the map of your home, but also to the different cleaning modes that you can configure as you wish.

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