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Electric bikes have had an excellent rating since confinement. They offer an ideal way to get around without having to worry about traffic or finding a parking space, not to mention the many developments made recently in large cities. Today we lingered on the Tenways CGO600, a commuter that has nothing to envy to the biggest.

Tenways is a Hong Kong brand founded in 2019 by cycling enthusiasts that designs lightweight bikes with a neat and sleek design. To release its first model, the brand launched a crowdfunding campaign that ended a year ago with 775,000 euros collected. Since then, Tenways has released two models including the CGO600 that we were able to test. Note that their bikes are designed in the Netherlands and assembled in Europe, and that all the manufacturing processes right up to the choice of paints are studied with a view to minimizing the impact on the environment. The Tenways CGO600 is available from 1499 euros with accessories included and in several colors / sizes.

Tenways CGO600: a commuter that looks great

The Tenways CGO600 is a bike offering a discreet, sleek design with a sporty line, an asset for riding around town. Offering several discreet colors, this electric bike in two sizes: M for cyclists measuring 165 ~ 180 cm, and L for those taller (180 ~ 200cm).

Marketed from 1499 euros, the CGO600 is far from being a low-end bike and is presented as an affordable alternative to the Cowboys and other VanMoofs, but also to the latest LD 500 E from Decathlon. Moreover, its frame and fork are made of 6061 aluminum, an ultra-resistant and rather light alloy since on the scale, the latter only displays 15 kg!

But let’s go back to the beginning. The Tenways CGO600 is delivered to you fairly quickly from Europe in a box where you will find it 90% assembled. Very well packaged, you will need to put on the saddle, mount the pedals, the front wheel and the handlebar. Fortunately, Tenways provides you with a complete toolbox, a small pump, as well as a simple user manual, which will allow you to assemble everything fairly quickly.

Once assembled, the CGO600 looks like a classic bike, and yet it is indeed an electric bike! The battery is perfectly integrated into the frame and the various cables are very discreet.

On the left of the handlebars, there is a small monochrome OLED screen with all the necessary information (assistance, speed, number of km, etc.), accompanied by 4 buttons to navigate through the various menus and options. Note that the latter has a code lock system that prevents the bike from starting.

On the right of the handlebars, place a manual bell a little too basic. No gears here since the bike has a simple belt drive, but we’ll get to that.

The CGO600 is equipped with Tektro hydraulic brakes with 160mm discs which offer quite powerful braking, but are easily dosed.

On the motor side, it is a silent M070 250W brushless motor from the Mivice brand placed on the rear wheel, and accompanied by an S200 torque sensor from the same manufacturer. So no speed on this bike, but three-level assistance provided by a Gates carbon belt guaranteed for 30,000 km. The latter can go up to 25 km/h (European standard in force). This bike is also fully eligible for the various purchase aids offered in France.

Exceptional state aid of up to €400

Since August 15, in order to promote its use, the Government has increased the ecological bonus and the conversion bonus for the acquisition of a bicycle. Extending until at least December 31, 2022, it makes it possible to increase the aid ceilings already in place in order to allow households in rural areas to also benefit from aid, often reserved for inhabitants of metropolitan areas.

  • An opening of the Bonus Vélo to the whole territory, which means that it is no longer necessary to have the help of a local authority.
  • A revaluation of the Bicycle Bonus. If the latter could not exceed €200, it will now be capped at €300, or even €400 for households belonging to the first and second deciles, as well as for people with disabilities.
  • A greater choice of products, in particular more specific products such as cargo bikes or folding bikes. The latter will also be accompanied by a bonus of €1,000, in the event that this does not exceed 40% of the purchase value. A bike below €2,500 should therefore be eligible.

Combinable devices

The big cities are the first to encourage their citizens to opt for the electric bike. In Paris, three systems overlap:

Several other towns and cities offer aid for the purchase of a VAE:

In addition, many medium-sized towns and conurbation communities support the acquisition of an electric bicycle (Orléans, La Rochelle, Roanne, Blois, Épinal, Épernay, Nevers, Vannes, Arcachon, etc.).

There are also CST anti-puncture tires of size 700C (standard size) accompanied by aluminum alloy rims. The saddle is quite spartan, a saddle cover will be welcome in case of long journeys.

On the lighting side, we have a fairly powerful LED headlight at the front which is connected to the battery, but on the other hand a rear light which is battery-powered and fairly basic. Note that the tires each have a reflective strip on each side.

Finally, the CGO600 has a 36V / 7AH lithium-ion battery with Samsung cells and quick charge (2.5h) offering a range of up to 70 km according to the manufacturer.

Note that our model came with front and rear mudguards, as well as a kickstand, which is very practical! Tenways also offers other accessories on its site.

Tenways CGO600: efficient and gentle assistance

Driving with the CGO600 is very pleasant. We only think this bike is light, but the riding position is good, slightly up like on a mountain bike and a little bit forward with wide handlebars. This gives a somewhat sporty side and encourages you to pedal more.

But let’s talk about the most important, support. And it is a very good surprise, because this one is particularly powerful. As we have seen, this bike does not have gears, but a belt, so it is the engine (and your pedal stroke) that will help you ride quickly and without too much effort. Indeed, the assistance of the CGO600 starts up based on the torque sensor present in the crankset. Thus, a half-turn of the pedal will trigger the assistance which will send power to the rear wheel, but in a very linear, fluid way. Here, no running or cuts, the sensor finely regulates the power that the engine will deliver and in a few seconds you reach 25 km/h (depending on the mode selected).

And the difference is really there, because it totally changes the game if we compare it to a classic electric bike with assistance based on a cadence sensor! If you want to ride slower or even faster, everything will depend on you, you keep control of the bike and not the other way around. This therefore compensates for the lack of speed of the bike, except for uphill, the 250W of the motor can be a bit tight depending on the type of slope you are going to tackle. Let’s say up to 10% will be fine, but the more complicated it can get.

On the road, the Tenways CGO600 is dynamic, it offers a certain driving comfort, with biting and reassuring braking. Without suspension, needless to say that on a damaged road, driving is much less pleasant, whereas in strong it will be necessary to forget it. This bike is truly a bike for the city, a commuter par excellence that will be invaluable to you for the few kilometers that separate your home from your work.

We can also talk about autonomy, since the CGO600 from Tenways is announced for 70 km. In fact, we will be between 50 and 60 km depending on the selected assistance mode. It’s really a good score for this type of bike, which will save you from loading it up every night. Only downside, its battery which is not removable and you will therefore have to charge the entire bike, but fortunately it offers a quick charge in 2h30!

Another interesting point is the silence of this bike. The latter does indeed emit a low noise when pedaling. As it does not have a chain, but a belt, there is no transmission noise, and for its part, the engine is very quiet.

Finally, thanks to its light weight, it is quite possible to use the CGO600 without any assistance. Admittedly, you will have to push a little on your legs and pedal, but this is not a problem in town on a flat road in particular.

A quick word on the small OLED screen, very practical, but difficult to read in direct sunlight. It displays the different settings of the bike, but also all the information for driving. It also has a 4-digit unlock code to turn on the bike, additional security even if it will not prevent theft.

Finally, we will quickly talk about the Tenways app (iOS, Android). It allows you to connect to the bike via Bluetooth, but is very disappointing. On this you will be able to find your bike with its characteristics, follow and save your different routes, information such as mileage, battery, etc. But it brings no added value: no tracking in case of theft, no locking via Bluetooth, no special services.

Where to buy it?

The Tenways CGO600 is available from 1499 euros on the official website, in several colors and in two sizes (M or L). It currently comes with both mudguards and a kickstand.

Buy the Tenways CGO600

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