a final trailer before the theatrical release

D-7 before ” Thor Love and Thunder finally arrives in dark rooms! The expectation is at its peak. Just to make us marinate even more, Marvel unveiled a ultimate trailer for his blockbuster. We find there a Thor in top form and always so funny.

A shock team

In Thor Love and Thunder, the God of Thunder will face Gorr, a terrible enemy who has a real grudge against the deities. Fortunately, Thor will not be alone to fight this formidable villain: he will indeed be able to count on a shock team!

There is Valkyrie, now “king” of Asgard, but also Korg whom Thor had met on the planet Sakaar (in Thor Ragnarok). A real dream team which also includes Jane Foster, new holder of Mjolnir, and the Guardians of the Galaxy (almost) in full force. Like what, Gorr has to worry, especially since the band seems determined to prevent him from harming the Gods.

Of love and thunder

This final trailer of Thor Love and Thunder promises new misadventures as funny as they are intense for Thor and company. The video announces in particular a lot of love and thunder, it may well be that the spark resumes between Thor and Jane. It must be said that the relationship between the two characters had been left in suspense after the second Thor film. Fans are hoping that Love and Thunder brings a new lease of life (or a satisfying conclusion) to their story.

See you at the cinema this July 13, 2022 to finally discover Thor Love and Thunder!

New official trailer of the movie Thor: Love and Thunder (VF)

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