a head-up display that projects sports records

While waiting for real connected glasses, sports models are showing the way: this is the case of the Engo-1, glasses for runners, cyclists and athletes who want to keep abreast of their performance while staying focused. on exercise.

The manufacturer Engo has developed sporty looking glasses equipped with a head-up display. The Engo-1 connects via Bluetooth to physical activity tracking devices, and projects the most important data onto the lens: distances covered, heart rate, power of watts developed or the elapsed and total time at the end of the the effort …

All about glasses

The user no longer needs to consult a watch, a bracelet or worse, a smartphone in full effort, he has the information in front of him at all times. Ideal in the middle of a peloton, a group of runners, or on dangerous slopes where it is a question of being concentrated as much as possible on the course. In doing so, these glasses provide more comfort and safety and that is priceless!

Finally, yes, since the price of the Engo-1 is 427 euros! Nevertheless, the product seems well developed: the 42 gram glasses provide 100% UV protection, the nose bridge and adjustable temples adapt to all body types, and its autonomy is 12 hours. In addition, Engo has developed a gesture control system to select the data to be displayed. And of course, Engo-1 is compatible with iOS, Android as well as Garmin IQ Connect.

ActiveLook, the display and augmented reality technology at work in the Engo-1, is of French design. It is indeed Microoled that is at the origin, it is a company specializing in the design of high resolution OLED micro-screens and very low energy consumption.

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