a heavyweight in connected health

Can the connected health champion Withings compete with the competitiveness of the new Chinese giants? We take stock with this test of the Withings Body Cardio connected scale.

In the connected health market, Withings is not at its first attempt. In addition to its dial ECG watches, sleep analyzers and medical measurement tools, the brand has also been offering a premium connected scale full of features for a few years now. We do the test.

Discover the Withings Body Cardio

Design and ergonomics: a heavyweight

A pioneer in the market of connected scales, Withings has been able to hold its own for more than ten years, by offering high-performance and accessible eHealth devices. The Body Cardio scale is no exception. Released in 2016, the device sports beautiful premium finishes, with an all-glass and metal covering. The product is top of the line and it shows. On the color side, you have the choice between a white or midnight blue glass coating, the latter having the advantage of better hiding the LCD screen when it is off.

Imposing and rather heavy (2.5kg), the Withing Body Cardio nevertheless manages not to be too bulky in a bathroom. Despite its 32 cm side, the scale is relatively thin (18 mm), which allows it to slip easily under a piece of furniture. In terms of stability, the device has two vertical bands which give it very good stability. In use, it also allows less grip on the ground. Beware, however, of the lack of grip on certain floor coverings, and in particular on linoleum.

With its single power button, the Withings Body Scan recharges via its micro-USB socket. We would obviously have preferred a USB-C port, but with several months of daily use between each recharge, this is not really a problem, the cable spending most of its time in its box.

Fat mass, heart rate, and even weather

Where the scale stands out from the competition is in its spec sheet. In addition to offering BMI, fat mass and muscle mass monitoring, the Body Cardio is also able to detect heart rate and pulse wave velocity. All the paraphernalia to check his good cardiovascular health. The device also displays the weather when connected via WiFi, and supports up to eight different profiles.

Despite its five years of existence, the Withings Body Cardio does not look its age. With the exception of its micro-USB port, and its rather basic LCD screen, the device offers original and complete functionalities, indicating in particular whether you are correctly positioned before taking your measurements. If the display does not dream against the LED, the 128 x 64 px panel plays its role, and offers a detailed display of data, with even some graphics as a bonus. For more details, you will have to consult the application.

On a purely practical level, the scale manages to keep it simple while offering a complete view of our state of health. Once on the device, the latter indicates the weight, then details all the constants one by one in the order previously defined by the application. Finally, nothing to complain about the precision of the weighing, which points the finger as much at the efforts in the room as the cheat meals of Friday evening.

Health Mate, the all-round coach

Once charged and turned on, the first step is to connect the scale to WiFi, and pair with the Health Mate app. The first update is a bit long, but then it is possible to customize the LCD screen, choosing what data to display and in what order. A really appreciable personalization for a connected object linked to health that we are likely to use on a daily basis.

We had already put it to the test during our tests of the Sleep Analyzer and the ScanWatch, the Health Mate application shines with its efficiency and versatility. Fluid to use, well thought out and intuitive, it brings together all of the brand’s connected products on a single interface. Practical in order not to multiply the supports, this centralization also allows the devices to act in symbiosis, to bring a health monitoring as complete as possible.

From the Home tab, we find several body measurements dedicated to Body Cardio : weight, heart rate, pulse wave velocity, but also BMI, as well as the volume of fat, bone, muscle and water mass. Each component is presented in the form of a graph, which can be consulted in more detail by selecting it. After five days of use, you will also be assigned a vascular age. If the latter does not really have any medical value, it allows you to obtain a general inventory of your state of health, based on the data collected by the various devices of the brand.

In addition to displaying health monitoring, Health Mate also offers programs to achieve your goals, or simply adopt a healthier lifestyle. A virtual coach can even encourage you daily in your efforts. Without being frankly revolutionary, this accompaniment turns out to be rather encouraging.

Price and availability

Although released in 2016, the Withings Body Cardio retains a very high end price, probably a little expensive in the face of increasingly competitive Chinese competition. Count 149,99€ to give it to you. At this price, the scale undeniably does better than most of its rivals, but struggles to justify such a significant difference. If the product appeals to you, we advise you to reach a promotion period, which will allow you to take advantage of one of the best products on the market, without jeopardizing your budget.

Discover the Withings Body Cardio

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