a heavyweight that goes almost anywhere

a heavyweight that goes almost anywhere

The NAVEE N65 electric scooter is starting to make a name for itself and for good reason, it offers record autonomy and foolproof robustness. We tested it for several days to get our own idea.

A few months ago, no one knew about the NAVEE N65 electric scooter from the company BRIGHTWAY, but after crowdfunding on the Xiaomi Youpin platform at nearly 450,000 euros, it is coming to the market and it has serious arguments. .

NAVEE N65: a finish with small onions

Because even if it has joined the Xiaomi ecosystem, for once it does not look like the Asian giant’s scooters! The NAVEE N65 is indeed a robust electric scooter offering a steel frame and not an assembled aluminum one, in one tubular piece and therefore without screws, all with a quite differentiating “low rider” design including a wide fork and a platform (deck ) 17cm wide.

Another interesting point, the path of the cables that the manufacturer has sought to hide as much as possible, which prevents them from being torn or damaged easily. At the rear, no manual brake, but a reinforced mudguard on which you can place your foot without risk. The Navee N65 has all the safety options required by French law (front light, rear light, stop light, reflector on the sides, etc.). Note that it is IPX4 certified and resistant to water splashes.

This electric scooter therefore offers an excellent finish, perhaps even one of the best we have seen. Its only concern is its weight since we are weighing 23.50 kg, the equivalent of an electric bike! Needless to say, you can forget to carry it by hand over long distances or even in transport. In addition, Navee announces a user weight of up to 120 kg, and has a small crutch on the side.

When you receive the NAVEE N65, it is fully assembled, because its folding system is designed to easily store it with, in particular, a handlebar that turns to be horizontal.

With a fairly pleasant driving position, the NAVEE N65 has a wide handlebar accompanied in the center by a fairly large LED screen. On the latter, you will find information concerning the speed, the number of kilometers traveled on the route or in total, the power, the driving mode selected or even the autonomy and the acceleration power produced. Only downside, this screen is particularly unreadable when there is a lot of light.

On the left of the handlebars we find the brake as well as the particularly well integrated small bell, and on the right, place for the accelerator in the form of a trigger as well as two buttons (Power and SET). As you can see, nothing very complicated about how it works, everything is fairly standard.

NAVEE N65: a pleasant all-terrain drive

The Navee N65 is equipped with a 500 W motor which makes it possible to forget about its 23.50 kg. It offers a top speed of up to 25 km/h in France with three levels of assistance: the first up to 15 km/h, the second up to 20 km/h and the third up to 25 km/h. h, not to mention a 5 km/h pedestrian mode if you have to walk alongside. To accompany you in the steepest places, the powerful engine can swallow ribs of 25% quite easily, and having done the test, it is quite impressive, all without losing speed! Note that to start the assistance of the machine, you will have to push at 4km/h, it is quite fast to do, but it is better to know it.

If the engine of this Navee N65 is powerful enough, we still regret a lack of fishing. Smoothly when accelerating, and even fairly quiet, the latter seemed a little soft to us for overtaking, for example, or when decelerating to resume cruising speed, which is a bit of a shame.

Without suspension, its large wheels 10 inches in diameter and 3 inches wide will allow you to go on less flat terrain than with a Xiaomi scooter for example. We were able to test fields, damaged roads, hills or paths in the forest (within reason) and we must admit that the Navee N65 is doing particularly well. Be careful, you won’t be going at 25 km/h in the forest, but the scooter is moving forward correctly. Even on a wet road, the grip is good thanks to its inflatable wheels which allow good stability.

The Navee N65 has cruise control that you can activate or deactivate via the mobile app. Personally I prefer to deactivate it, because I find this system not particularly suitable for scooters.

Finally, what bothered us the most about this scooter is the fact that it is quite low. Some will like it, because it also allows you to gain stability with a lower center of gravity, but it can also be quite a handicap to go down a sidewalk, pass a big pothole or take a speed bump for example. It will therefore be necessary to be extra vigilant, because we often touched obstacles with the bottom of the scooter during our test.

NAVEE N65: record safety and autonomy

The Navee N65 has very effective braking. We thus find at the front an E-ABS brake associated with disc braking at the rear and the latter does not block. It therefore takes about 5 meters to stop on dry ground if you are driving at a speed of 25 km/h. In addition, on the safety side, the scooter has high-performance and visible LED lighting, front and rear, which also flashes when braking.

Its 48v 12.5Ah lithium battery (600Wh, BMS system included) allows a range of up to 65 km according to the manufacturer. Unfortunately, this figure is calculated with a speed of 15 km/h and a 75 kg driver! In real life, with a weight of 85 kg and a speed of 25 km/h (not always constant) I reached nearly 40 km of autonomy, which is already quite a performance. Note that the Navee N65 is equipped with an energy recovery system during braking to recharge the battery a little (which you can deactivate via the app), but the latter is not very convincing.

The complete recharging of the device takes on the other hand more than 7 hours. The charging connector is located at the front of the deck and well protected.

Finally, the Navee N65 is a connected scooter and offers an app called Go Navee (iOS and Android) which connects via Bluetooth. This app is quite simple, it displays the driving speed and the various information that can be found on the screen of the scooter itself. The only real options are the ability to enable/disable cruise control and energy recovery when braking. On the other hand, what is interesting is that it also allows you to lock the scooter. An effective lock that requires a 4-digit code to be able to unlock it. The lock remains active even when your smartphone is no longer nearby, the scooter goes into a kind of sleep mode which will consume a little battery, but at least this allows additional protection in the event of an attempted theft.

Where to buy it?

The Navee N65 is available everywhere in France, but you can get it at a reduced price at Geekbuying with code NNNGREGNN65 for 549 euros.

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