A hot plasma cloud from the Sun would soon hit the planet

The physico-chemical phenomena which occur in the cosmos often threaten the existence of the Earth. Last Wednesday, space meteorologists saw a coronal mass ejection likely to harm the planet. They predicted that a cloud of hot plasma and a magnetic field would hit the earth globe. This threat comes just after the eruption of a huge filament of magnetism from the Sun.

During their observation, the scientists found that the activity of Sun was intense to the point of having formed a huge canyon of plasma on its surface. Following the eruption in the southern hemisphere, the filament cut the solar atmosphere in two, hence the coronal mass ejection.

According to the Space Weather Prediction Center, a coronal mass ejection can travel the universe at speeds ranging between 250 km and 3000 km per second. After calculation, astronomers have therefore concluded that it could dock the planet by Saturday.

A first since 2015

According to the observations of astronomers, coronal mass ejection occurred in a huge radius around the sun. Although she was not impacted by the canyon’s glow even after six hours, a lot of debris was blown into space. From waste that the STEREO- spacecraftA from NASA and the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) were able to photograph.

When coronal mass ejections interfere with magnetosphere of the planet, they can cause a storm known as “solar storm”, explain the scientists. (The magnetosphere represents the part of the cosmos contained in the magnetic field of the Earth). The last one dating from 2015, the globe is preparing to experience its nth solar storm.

The end of the world ?

In observatory, astronomers use a scale to measure thestorm intensity caused by coronal mass ejection. The classification is made of “G1 minor” to “G5 extreme”. Note that minor storms can confuse satellites and cause slight variations in the power grid. Those that are extreme can lead to widespread electrical problems and blackouts.

So far, scientists at the Space Weather Prediction Center have not glimpsed no major geomagnetic disturbance. They think nothing bad will happen at least until Saturday. For now, storms ” G1 minor Are expected.

“No significant transient or recurring characteristic of the solar wind is expected. “

Space Weather Prediction Center

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