A huge leak reveals the 9 characters to come

We can say that in the genre of leaks important, this Wednesday, March 23 will undoubtedly be a milestone: a huge leak reveals the next 9 characters to join the cast ofApex Legends. Electronic Arts’ famous battle royale would have seen much of its upcoming content leaked. First on the MEGA file hosting site, before landing for all to see on the Reddit discussion site. The original post including all the details of the leak is still available on the ApexUncovered subreddit.

The plans ofApex Legends unveiled in broad daylight

This leak comes as a series of several gameplay snippets, presumably taken from a beta of the game. Some of these playable Legends look more or less finished, with some 3D models clearly more detailed than others. Their names are thus known to all now: Caliber, Catalyst, Led, Jester, Newcastle, Phantom, Uplink and Scryer. It would seem that Newcastle is the first character to join the cast given the advanced state of his 3D model… But this is only pure speculation.

The new map of the game “Divided Moon” is also featured in a dedicated video. The latter would still be far from having finished its development, with large missing textures and an implementation of lights yet. A monorail was also seen on the map, according to the explanatory post of a Reddit user. Several Arena Mode maps have also leaked, alongside a tri-range of different weapons. Among these weapons found the Nemesis B-AR and the Fanatic energy pistol.

Apex Legends just launched its Season 12, titled “Defiance,” last month. This new season is marked by the arrival of the new character Mad Maggie. A new game mode was also made available for the first 3 weeks after the launch of Season 12. This game mode, named Control, pitted 2 teams of 9 players against each other in a struggle for (logical) control of several strategic locations. on the game map.

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