A large 75-inch screen for smartphones and a mobile projector at Philips

A large 75-inch screen for smartphones and a mobile projector at Philips

To enjoy your favorite series, films and even video games, you don’t need a TV! A projector can provide similar results over an even larger area. Philips Projection has just announced two new products.

The specialist in high-end projectors wants to find a place at the foot of the tree for lovers of large and beautiful images. The manufacturer is thus inaugurating a new category with the GoPix, a dedicated projector for smartphones that can be easily transported with a footprint close to that of an external battery (it is 1.8 cm thick and will fit easily in a pocket) .

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This aluminum case projects an image up to 75 inches from a device connected to USB-C. This can be a smartphone of course, but also a tablet or a computer. There is also an HDMI port. The battery with an autonomy of 2 hours will allow you to enjoy a movie but not much more, but fortunately it is possible to use it connected to the mains! In terms of sound, the GoPix 1 includes a speaker.

The GoPix 1 will be available from November 20, priced at € 299.99.

The second product of the manufacturer is the PicoPix Max, more imposing but still mobile with a good battery for 4 hours of video playback. If the resolution will not rise beyond 1080p, it will be able to project an image of up to 120 inches. And viewers will enjoy HDR10.

The projector is Netflix, Prime Video and Disney + certified. In addition, it is compatible with Google Assistant and acts as a Chromecast. Sound level, the PicoPix Max offers a 2.1 system with dedicated DSP. It is even possible to use it as a wireless speaker, in which case it will offer 10 hours of music playback. Very casual gamers will enjoy 16ms latency and 60Hz refresh.

The PicoPix Max will be on sale from November 5, priced at € 899.99.

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