a large format that is far too conventional

With its large format and interesting technical data sheet, the Honor Pad 8 is a good alternative for a first affordable tablet. But can it really stand out from the competition?

For a few years now, Honor has emancipated itself from the shadow of Huawei to manufacture its own products. The distance has not always been obvious between the two sister brands, but the Chinese giant’s recent political and commercial imbroglios have finally convinced Honor to fly on its own in the international market. The proof with the Pad 8, which officially launches the arrival of the brand in the tablet sector.

Discover the Honor Pad 8 tablet

Design and finishes: like an air of deja vu

Entering the highly competitive entry-level tablet segment is not without risk for Honor. The Pad 8 arrives on an already saturated market, already claimed by Realme for a few years, and marked by the recent arrival of Oppo and its Pad Air. Without taking the risk of competing with Apple, Samsung or Lenovo, which dominate the premium sector, the Chinese brand is making a first discreet foray.

In the grip, its design is intended to be effective, but rather common. We find a pretty 12-inch LCD panel with relatively thin borders, a sleek aluminum case, and almost no external connectors. Like a few others before it, Honor’s Pad 8 opts for sobriety: it thus abandons the jack socket, and – this is more surprising – its MicroSD drawer usually used for memory expansion. A simple USB-C socket on the lower edge, two buttons dedicated to volume and locking on the right edge, no 4G / 5G compatibility… The simplicity desired by Honor may surprise, but it turns out to be rather beneficial. The 128 GB memory offered by default is sufficient for an entry-level terminal, and the physical controls fall perfectly under your fingers. We don’t ask for more.

Technical sheet: effective, but agreed

HonorPad 8
Screen – 12 inch LCD panel
– 1200 x 2000 pixels
SoCs -Qualcomm Snapdragon 680
– Adreno 610 GPU
Memory – 6 GB RAM
– 128 GB non-expandable storage
Colors – Metallic gray aluminum housing
Camera – Front: 5 MP
– Rear: 5 MP
Audio – 8 speakers
Battery – 7250mAh
– 2h20 charge (22.5W)
Connectivities – No microSD port
– no jack
-Bluetooth 5.1
– Wireless
Software Magic UI 6 (Android 12)
Height and weight – 6.9mm thick
– 520g
Starting price 349€
Availability date July 2022

Who says entry-level tablet necessarily says concessions. Regarding the Pad 8, we must admit that Honor has managed to balance its game, with a rather effective tablet (except for the photo part to which we will return). The technical sheet does not have to be ashamed in the face of the competition: without great surprise, we thus find a processor Snapdragon 680, 6 GB of RAM, and 128 GB of storage memory. Thanks to the Honor Turbo RAM extension, it is possible to benefit from an additional 2 GB of RAM. Not enough to turn the beast into a war machine, but still enjoyable. This configuration, a little more efficient than its competitors, allows it to remain operational even in multitasking, while maintaining good fluidity.

HonorPad 8 screen
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Effective, but not surprising. In the same vein as the Oppo Pad Air or the Xiaomi Pad 5, the new Honor tablet struggles to stand out. Without physical characteristics to differentiate it from its competitors, it stands out as yet another tablet to turn to at entry level. The market is sorely lacking in originality, and the Pad 8 is no exception. We will nevertheless salute its large 12-inch format, slightly more imposing than its opponents, for a similar finesse, but a fatally greater weight.

Screen and audio: Honor thinks big

With a 1200 x 2000 pixel LCD panel which takes up 84% of its total surface, the Pad 8 plays the right students and ups its game on multimedia. If the tablet does not allow you to enjoy the most demanding games, it will be perfect for scrolling on social networks, watching videos on SVOD platforms and browsing the Internet. The refresh rate of 60 Hz remains very classic, and allows you to carry out most daily tasks without flinching. In terms of colorimetry, the tablet stands out as surprisingly efficient. Despite a slight tendency to pull towards cold colors, the Pad 8 is beautiful. In front of a series, it’s a real pleasure, provided you don’t use it in direct sunlight. Inevitably, the device’s LCD panel is not the brightest on the market, and its limited brightness may pose a problem outdoors.

Honor Pad 8 settings
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On the audio side too, there are eight rather efficient speakers, which have the good taste not to saturate easily, even when pushed to full power. A very good point if you don’t want to bother with wireless headphones. Too bad, they often find themselves suffocated by our palms when we take the tablet in hand. Nothing very serious in itself.

Photo and software: the bare minimum

Unsurprisingly, Honor’s Pad 8 does not shine on the photo side. You could even say that it is happily satisfied with the minimum: with a 5 Mpx sensor on the back and a 5 Mpx on the front, the tablet will just allow you to troubleshoot. Fortunately, it is a little faster on the video part. Don’t expect a stabilizer, but the possibility of filming in 1080p is enough to create an illusion for an improvised videoconference.

On the OS side, Honor gives us a Pad 8 running Android 12, overlaid with its Magic UI 6 home interface. The result is light, fluid and offers some interesting features. We particularly appreciated the large files in the interface and the possibility of enlarging certain application icons. It’s not much, but the possibility of prioritizing the display brings a real gain in daily readability. In addition to these cosmetic fantasies, there is also the Honor Share functionality, which promises to link two brand devices.

Honor Pad 8 folders
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On the other hand, the Pad 8 does not offer no dedicated detachable keyboard or stylus. You will have to settle for a generic Bluetooth keyboard. It’s a shame for an entry-level tablet whose objective is precisely to position itself in the multimedia / first purchase niche: the presence of an additional peripheral coupled to its large screen would undoubtedly have allowed the terminal to stand out. of the lot. Especially since with its 7250 mAh battery and its 22.5W charge in just over two hours, the device provides autonomy of just over 18 hours. More than enough to take notes on a whole day of class before relaxing in front of a series.

Price and availability

Offered in a unique configuration of 128 GB and 6 of RAM, the Honor Pad 8 tablet has been available since July, for a listed price of €349. It definitely stands out as a sizeable alternative if you are looking for a large format multimedia-oriented terminal.

Discover the Honor Pad 8 tablet

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