a larger than life Hogwarts in Brittany

In Brittany, sorcerer’s apprentices and Harry Potter fans can celebrate Halloween in a setting worthy of Hogwarts.

Historically, Brittany is the land of Merlin, the Druids and King Arthur. However, another sorcerer will settle down in the French region. The Château de Rocher-Portail in Ille-et-Vilaine will be transformed into a life-size Hogwarts. Passionate about the saga Harry Potter, its owner has decided to offer an immersive experience to its visitors. For All Saints Day, just in time for Halloween, this muggle is going to organize 15 parties dedicated to the little wizard. In the castle barn, 350 square meters large, guests can taste dishes inspired by the license, follow the Hat ceremony and meet their new teachers.

Manuel Roussel, at the origin of the project, explains that he had this idea after visiting the Warner Bros Studios in London. “It was only natural for this project to germinate in my mind. Between the famous saga and the history of the Château, there is a real historical meaning. Let’s not forget that I am Breton, the castle is located in Brittany, the land of legends, several good reasons to consider this new project”.

200 seats

After this meal, in the heart of the great hall, the 200 or so lucky ones will be able to continue the visit through the aisles of this prestigious academy. Animations are planned, including the discovery of spells and other magic tricks. They will also be able to discover the classrooms, dormitories and other rooms decorated and animated by effects “most bewitching”.

For a more immersive experience, owner Manuel Roussel told M6 to rely on holograms to represent ghosts, gargoyles and magic spells that will come to life under the dumbfounded eyes of sorcerer’s apprentices. They should also discover all this decor worthy of Hollywood after a brief boat trip on the pond, just to reproduce the mythical arrival at Hogwarts.

In total, around fifteen evenings of this kind will be organized during the All Saints holidays 2022. For each evening, 200 places will be put on sale. The box office should according to the owner during the month of September. If the event meets with some success, it does not exclude the possibility of transforming it into an annual meeting, to celebrate the most frightening period of the year.

Moreover, as it is mainly aimed at fans, Manuel Roussel invites them to join the organization if they wish. For the little ones, it is also possible to send a letter to the address of Château Le Rocher Portail to share drawings, ideas and complaints. All the details can be found here.

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