A leaked beta, released in April?

A leaked beta, released in April?

While he has just made his particular sense of justice rage in cinemas around the world with Matt Reeeves’ new film, Batman would be about to be heard again by home consoles… Or in in any case, his unofficial little band of mercenary offspring: new leaks and rumors place new Gotham Knights on the front of the news. The next game from the Warner Bros Montreal studio (Batman Arkham Origins) would thus be the subject of new speculation, after the furtive appearance of a playtest on Steam and a supposed release date in an Irish video game store…

A beta would thus have been posted on Steam a few moments before being promptly withdrawn, but long enough to be noticed and relayed on the Reddit discussion site. The details of the beta in question are still available on the SteamDB site, which includes all the information on the games, programs and demos posted on the Valve platform. Even more precise: a user claims to have had time to install it and attests to a size of 82.41GB, which would imply that the playtest in question would actually contain the files of the entire game…

Gotham Knights, see you in April?

In a hazier kind of speculation, an account Twitter relayed a photograph of an Irish video game store stand. You can see the box Gotham Knights accompanied by a release date set for April 24, which seems very specific to be a simple placeholder while waiting for its formalization. In the meantime, nothing has been confirmed at this time. In any case, in view of all these successive elements, we can undoubtedly hope to hear new information on the game during the coming weeks.

Gotham Knights features Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin and Red Hood in a new cooperative open world game where, failing the batman, the gang must put Gotham City back on the right track.

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