A lounge chair in economy class is possible, but you don’t have to be cloistered

Traveling by plane is not easy, especially if you have the misfortune to be on a long-haul flight in economy class! An ambitious engineer, Alejandro Núñez Vicente, thinks he has found the solution to travel more comfortably in these conditions.

If air travel has become widely democratized thanks to the continuous fall in prices, the conditions of transport have rather tended to regress. To offer such advantageous fares, airlines must carry as many passengers as possible, often to the detriment of comfort. The economic classes in particular are not very well off.

Free up legroom

This is where Alejandro Núñez Vicente’s invention called the “Economy Seat Lounger” comes in. This young 21-year-old engineer travels to air shows with his project for staggered seats. The idea is to allow passengers to stretch their legs, without reducing the number of passengers on the plane.

As you can see, it involves placing one row of seats on top of the other. All passengers gain space to extend their legs thanks to spaces that open up at this level, thus making the journey a little less painful. The other side of the coin is the feeling of claustrophobia that anyone under the top row of seats might feel…

Furthermore, it would become difficult, if not impossible, to store bags under the seats. And then the service in the cabin risks being more complicated for the on-board personnel. It will be necessary to convince not only the passengers, but also the airlines of the attractiveness of this solution! The Chaise Longue Economy Seat is also intended to equip large carriers type 747 or A330.

For smaller medium-haul aircraft, it will be difficult for them to properly integrate such seats into their cabins. However, the idea seems to appeal to the sector, which awarded it an award at the Crystal Cabin Awards 2021, one of the flagship ceremonies in air transport.

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