a Marvel “Nova” series is in the works with the screenwriter of Moon Knight at the helm

Richard Rider, alias Nova, could soon join the Marvel Cinematic Universe or, failing that, the Disney+ platform via a new series. Indeed, a series / film is currently in preparation if we are to believe the site Deadline, and the screenwriter of Moon Knight would be at the helm.

If you are having trouble recovering from the absence of season 2 for WandaVision, this new information from our colleagues at the Deadline site could put a smile on your face. According to their sources, a new project around Richard Rider alias Nova is in preparation at Marvel.

If you are not a connoisseur, he is a key character in the Nova Corpsthe famous intergalactic police mentioned several times in the movies Guardians of the Galaxy especially. Richard Rider is an imminent member of it, with heightened strength and reflexes, high damage resistance, and the ability to fly.

Nova will soon land on Disney+

In the comics, the character regularly rubbed shoulders with Skrulls, alien race seen in particular in Captain Marvel. According to journalist Justin Kroll, Marvel would have opted for a series bound for Disney+, without much surprise. For the moment, there is very little concrete information to put in your mouth. However, one thing is certain: we will find in writing Sabir Pirzadawho served as screenwriter on the next flagship series of the platform, namely Moon Knight with Oscar Isaac.

you will obviously have to take your troubles patiently to obtain other information on the project, such as the story, the cast or even a possible release date. But given the information in possession of Deadline, it’s a safe bet that the adaptation of Nova is still in its infancy.

As a reminder, Disney+ recently unveiled the very first trailer for Miss Marvel, its next series of superheroes. Scheduled for June 2022, it will tell the adventures of Kamala Khan, an American teenager of Muslim faith totally crazy about the Avengers and video games. As she leads a very normal existence, she will one day find bracelets that will give her devastating superpowers. Despite herself, Kamala will become a superheroine and she will quickly realize that it is a dangerous life, for her and for those close to her.

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