A “mysterious hut” found on the hidden face of the Moon

China has just made an amazing discovery on the far side of the Moon. She called it the “mysterious hut”.

The hidden face of the Moon, although it is not the object of the solar system furthest from us, it is nevertheless very poorly understood. Apart from the passage of Michael Cooper in 1969 during the Apollo 11 mission, which made him the most distant man on Earth, this part of the Moon remains filled with mystery. As often when scientific explanations are not suitable, this ignorance becomes fertile ground for conspiracy theories of all kinds. And the latest news from the Yutu 2 rover is unlikely to help matters.

The latter has indeed just sent a disturbing photo of this part of the Moon. Placed on the hidden face of the latter since the first days of January 2019, he has just found a strange cubic structure. The latter does not look like anything known on our satellite and quickly caught the eye of experts around the world, but also curious Internet users who are now developing all kinds of more or less convoluted theories to explain the presence of this cube on the surface. of our gray neighbor.

A simple remnant of asteroid impact

If Internet users quickly took this subject lightly and began to joke with it. Scientists are more reserved on the origin of this mysterious form. The most probable hypothesis today would be the impact of a meteorite that occurred a few thousand years ago – and for some unknown reason the latter would have, during the impact, created this mound.

In the images currently released by CNSA, the Chinese space agency, it is difficult to distinguish the exact shapes of this rock mound. He who is more than 80 meters from the rover, the latter should therefore take several days to reach him. Since the start of its mission and its arrival on the Moon in January 2019, the rover has traveled 186 kilometers, so it will be necessary to be very patient before the latter arrives at the foot of what the CNSA has called “a mysterious hut” .

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