A new discovery on the origin of European agriculture

According to the publication ofEmanuela Cristiani and these partner’work, hunter-gatherers ate grain. The ancestors of modern humans collected grains from wild plants, says university archaeologist Sapienza, in Rome. The taste of these starchy foods prompted the culture and developed agriculture in ancient europe.

The research carried out by Christiani and his collaborators have made it possible to know the origin of the deposits on the teeth of hunter-gatherers. They provided evidence that the ancient inhabitants of Romania and of Serbia ate cereal. Therefore, the human species has already consumed grains of wild plants before the appearance of agriculture in Europe.

According to another study, people in south-eastern Europe began to cultivate land, about 8500 years old. They lived along the continent’s second longest river, the Danube.

How did agriculture develop in ancient Europe?

The results of research carried out at the Sapienza University have made it possible to know the possible origin of agriculture in Europe. In fact, the feeding behavior of hunter-gatherers living in present-day Turkey prompted culture. These people living in the center of the Balkan Peninsula enjoyed the taste of some wild cereals.

Other chemical studies have also made it possible to know the diet of hunter-gatherers. They ate food rich in animal protein, especially fish. However, the researchers were unable to detect plant remains on Balkan sites. The role of cereals in dishes thus remains to be elucidated.

Before the appearance of agriculture, the balancing of the diet using plant foods is likely according to Cristiani.

How did the forager-researchers eat wild cereals?

Cristiani and his colleagues demonstrated that wild cereals were consumed during thousands of years. Researchers have also discovered tools for grinding them. According to them, hunter-gatherers used these devices around 8,600 years ago. According to their opinion, the inhabitants of the Balkans have grind the wild grains before eating them.

Scientific research evidence has shown that hunter-gatherers domesticated plants between about 11,700 and 9,800 years ago. Cavemen in Southwest Asia began to plant plant species. However, the wild cereals eaten in the Balkan sites are different from the domesticated plant species in Southwest Asia.


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