A new Ghostbusters game is in the works according to Ernie Hudson

If you still haven’t had enough of Ghosts, Ecto-1, and Ray Parker Jr. despite the recent release of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, the latest rumor to date should please you: a new video game adaptation for Ghostbusters would already be in preparation … Without further information.

It’s up to the actor Ernie Hudson, known to fans of the franchise by the name of his character Winston Zeddemore, that we owe this new rumor.

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Ernie, Dan… and Bill?

During an interview for the YouTube channel Countdown City Geeks, the American actor leaked this particularly important information for ectoplasm hunters. Without naming the developers behind this new project, Hudson hinted that the recording phases for the dubbing of the game will soon be launched. “They organize the recordings and I’m still not sure who to answer for. I know there is me and Dan Aykroyd, but I’m not sure if Bill Murray is there. ”

Hudson also doesn’t have any information on a possible release date — but it’s a safe bet that the game is in its early stages of development. In addition, it seems that the technical teams would have some problems with the modeling of the character of Hudson: “It seems weird to me that they manage to replicate Billy Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis to perfection, but when it’s me, it always looks like Eddie Murphy or someone else.”We sincerely hope that this mysterious studio will do justice to Ernie Hudson.

The hunt will soon reopen

Yet another developer had managed to transcribe Hudson’s trait, and the rest of the Ghostbusters, in another video game — over a decade ago, moreover. In 2009 came out Ghostbusters: The Video Game, the first ambitious video game adaptation of the film universe since the 8bit era. This action TPS put the character in the shoes of a novice ghost hunter joining the team of paranormal experts. For the occasion, the entire cast of the original film had responded to the dubbing — yes, even the taciturn Bill Murray — granting the game the status of the third unofficial sequel.

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