a new keynote next month for iPads and Macs?

After presenting the new iPhone 14 yesterday, Apple could return to the charge in just over a month with iPads and Macs.

Apple held its traditional back-to-school keynote yesterday, an opportunity for the Apple brand to present in detail the new iPhone 14 as well as the Apple Watch Series 8, SE and Ultra presented in the evening.

As expected, Tim Cook’s teams made no statement regarding iPads and Macs. The devices, whose OS development would still be in progress on the Cupertino side, should have the right to their own heyday at the end of October.

This information had already circulated a lot in recent weeks, analysts from the Cupertino company like Ming-Chi Kuo or Mark Gurman had both announced that Apple was going to split its big back-to-school event in two.

It was therefore quite logical that Apple does not talk about iPads and Macs, and Tim Cook killed the suspense from the start of the conference. The big Apple boss welcomed his audience by explaining that he and his teams were going to talk only about the iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods.

For iPads and Macs, you have to wait until October

We will therefore still have to wait a little over a month to see the new iPads and new Macs released. As for tablets, rumors suggest that Apple will launch two new products. Thus the “classic” iPad as well as the iPad Pro should be updated. For the most high-end version of the tablet, analysts expect to see the arrival of the M2 chip, already presented in detail at WWDC in June by the Apple brand.

For the “entry-level” tablet, there could be many new features. Rumors suggest that Apple will launch a brand new design for this iPad, without the latter having the right to Face ID for the moment. The USB-C port could be part of it.

iPadOS and macOS pending

This keynote, expected to be held at the end of October, should also be the perfect opportunity to launch new versions of iPadOS and macOS. The arrival of Stage Manager, presented at WWDC, is eagerly awaited, but Cupertino developers seem to be having trouble integrating this new feature into Apple devices.

Finally, as far as Macs are concerned, rumors expect this side to see the Mac mini and the MacBook Pro being updated. As for the laptop, it should inaugurate a brand new M2 Pro and M2 Max chip, evolutions of the M2 chip presented in June.

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