a new kind of keyboard to type at the speed of thought

Typing quickly on a keyboard can be essential in certain circumstances, for example to play: it can even give a serious advantage over its competitors! But to go even faster, you have to change the keyboard as we know it.

After all, today’s keyboards are nothing more than a design invented at the end of the 19th century for the needs of the printing industry. If the principle has not changed (it’s still about typing letters), technologies have completely changed the way we work, play, and simply live. But it looks like the keyboard has remained frozen in time…

500 words per minute

This is where CharaChorder comes in, an American start-up that has developed a new kind of keyboard, which looks nothing like the ones we know. It consists of two domes each containing 9 joysticks, which themselves can be moved in four directions. This represents dozens of possible combinations allowing you to write words very quickly, and not just letters.

Added to this is the ability to create custom shortcuts to go even faster. In all, more than 17 billion (!) combinations are possible. CharaChorder’s promise is to type ” at the speed of thought ”: the manufacturer announces that its CharaCorder allows you to type 500 words per minute, ie 5 times faster than what is physically possible to accomplish on a traditional keyboard.

This new kind of keyboard, which requires some learning time, can be particularly useful for word processing, but also for programming and video games. The device is currently sold for $249.99 (not including shipping costs), a friendly price since it is usually sold for $399.99.

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