A new non-addictive painkiller with fewer side effects, BnOCPA

Today, it is very easy to get painkillers, because most of them are sold without prescription. However, painkillers made from opioids are long-lasting harmful to health. These drugs work like narcotics and are therefore addictive. Also, they usually cause a strong desire to sleep and nausea. This is why a team of British researchers has developed a new non-opioid painkiller. This tranquilizer seems promising and powerful.

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The compound known as BnOCPA (benzyloxy-cyclopentyladenosine) has been shown to be a painkiller powerful and selective. The first tests were carried out under the direction of scientists from school of life sciences from the University of Warwick. The results demonstrated that this molecule generates far fewer side effects than current painkillers.

Furthermore, this new analgesic is non-addictive and therefore could be used instead morphine or oxycodone in chronic patients.

A new generation of analgesics without side effects?

the UK has a lot of chronically ill who need to take powerful analgesics to treat pain moderately or severely disabling. However, taking painkillers every day can be detrimental to their state of health. Many of them have Side effects and lead to strong dependence.

Based on narcotics, these drugs work by activating adapter molecules called G proteins. The researchers found that BnOCPA has a unique mode of action. It could pave the way for the creation of a new generation analgesic drugs. The fact is that it activates only one only type of these G proteins and only causes very few negative side effects.

A solution to painkiller addiction?

Opioids, such as morphine and oxycodonecan lead to addiction. As only one type of G protein is activated by BnOCPA, its actions are very selective which minimizes the possibility of develop addictive behaviors.

The researchers were pleasantly surprised to note the selectivity of the molecule. It would make it possible to develop a new type of painkiller much more beneficial to health. Additionally, it would help more easily target receptors which are essential for the treatment of various diseases.


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