A new patch for the single player campaign this week

A new patch for the single player campaign this week

Available since last December 2021 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC consoles, Halo Infinite will finally receive a substantial first patch for its single-player campaign. While its free-to-play multiplayer mode has already been extensively tweaked by teams from 343 industries, the same can’t be said for its story mode, which still suffers from some technical issues—but which should, in the studio’s words, be soon corrected through a new update.

Scheduled for February 24, the update reveals its expected new features and improvements in a post posted on the official developer forum.

Halo Infinite fixes its animations in an update

It’s one of the most confusing technical quirks of the game since its release last December: the Master Chief’s first-person animations don’t display at the same frame rate as the rest of the game. environments and enemies animate correctly at 60fps, weapon reloading or climbing animations, for example, see their frame rate cut in half. This new patch promises to “ fluidify these animations and make them sync with the rest of the game.

The development teams also promise to fix other technical issues that still suffer from Halo Infinite, several months after its release. Thus, the concerns related to the management of the Quick Resume on the game, but also to obtaining Achievements (and this is always very important) are concerned. On the other hand, the performance of the game on PC and console, the latter already benefiting from a relatively solid frame rate, promises to be improved as well.

Finally, the online multiplayer part of the game is not neglected by this update and will also receive various and varied fixes. Among other things, the game’s anti-cheat system will receive ” multiple improvements through the update, without further information as to their nature. The Motion Tracker effective area of ​​8v8 Big Team Battle matches will also be adjusted from 18m to 24m.

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