A new Pokémon surprises the World Championships!

Pokémon Violet and Scarlet are preparing their arrival and the latest announcements are sources of all kinds of theories…

This year, the City of London hosted the 2022 Pokémon World Championships August 18-21. This event brings together players from around the world, specializing in one of the many games in the franchise. From card game to Pokémon Sword and Shield Passing by Unity and GB : the competitions follow one another to the delight of the fans. And inevitably, who says sizeable gathering, says perfect opportunity for major announcements.

New playing cards, new arena for Pokemon Unite… Suffice to say that pocket monster aficionados were well served during the closing ceremony of these championships. But inevitably, everyone’s attention turned to the announcements concerning the ninth generation of Pokemon. To stay in the theme of the competition, it is a trailer centered on the fights and other competitive modes of the future title that this presentation has focused. But on top of that, a new Pokémon did not fail to surprise players…

Motorcycles are popular in Paldea

During Pokémon Presents on August 3, we discovered the region of this ninth generation in more detail. Paldea seems to have a lot of secrets in store for us, starting with its legendaries with old and futuristic looks. Able to serve as multi-purpose mounts, these Pokémon will make themselves very useful in the open world of these Purple and Scarlet versions. However, it may well be that these take another unexpected form. Motorizard is the latest addition to Paldea’s Pokédex and as soon as it was announced, fans couldn’t help but make the connection with Koraidon and Miraidon.

A small motorcycle-like lizard, it is described as a Pokémon that has been present in the region since ancient times and has served as a mount for generations. An image also shows trainers on the back of Motorizard. But then, who is this enigmatic Pokémon? A descendant of the legendary Pokémon of this region or a pre-evolution? Mystery thickens around Paldea’s Mythical Pokémon, and it just might be one of the three stories that await us in the open world of Pokemon Purple and Scarlet.

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We can’t wait to discover the open world format of this new Pokémon opus that wants to be revolutionary for the franchise. After Pokemon Legends: Arceus, will these new versions succeed in perfecting the recipe we discovered at the start of the year? Verdict November 18 on Nintendo Switch.

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