harry potter botanique studios

a new room is opening its doors at the London Studios!

Calling all budding wizards, Professor Sprout’s Botany Greenhouse is about to open its doors at Harry Potter Studios in London.

Hogwarts is not accessible to muggles, but magic lovers can console themselves with the Warner Bros studios in London. A few minutes from the British capital, this park offers spectators the opportunity to dive into the heart of the scenery that rocked our childhood.

From the great hall to the dormitories, passing through the Forbidden Forest, visitors can explore all the iconic places of the license Harry Potter. While spring is already well established, another room has just come out of the ground. Since the next july 1it will be possible to visit Professor Sprout’s Botanical Greenhouse.

For those unfamiliar with the saga, this is where little wizards like Harry, Ron and Hermione learn how to care for magical plants. We should also be able to see many of them in the new room.

Warner Bros nevertheless warns future visitors, terrible Mandrakes will put your ears to the test. Don’t forget your earmuffs, otherwise you’ll pass out like Neville Longbottom in the first part.

Know that if you decide to visit the Warner Bros Studios before July 1, it is the characters of Fred and George who are in the spotlight. The Great Hall is currently decorated in the colors of the fifth opus, when the horrible Umbridge watches the OWLs and the two jokers decide to disturb the tranquility of the assembly with a fireworks display of the most beautiful effect.

A trip to Harry’s country

As a reminder, the Warner Bros Studios in London are entirely devoted to the saga initiated in 2001 with Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone. By walking through the building, visitors will be able to discover filming secrets and accessories used in the production of the eight opuses that make up the saga.

How are objects animated? How many chopsticks have been used for ten years? So many questions that will be answered as the visit progresses. Just to discover the model used for the exterior scenes of the castle, this visit is worth the detour.

We were also able to discover the London studios during the Christmas celebrations, which we told you about in this dedicated file. We also had the opportunity to find the sets of the film during the reunion program broadcast at the beginning of this year 2022 on HBO Max and Salto in France.

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