A new system beta will be available tomorrow on PS4 & PS5

Sony continues to improve the system features of its consoles playstation4 and playstation5 through a new beta available tomorrow for a selection of users. On the program for this beta: the introduction of voice parties, new accessibility options and revamped trophy menus.

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The PS4 and PS5 are having their parties

This beta inaugurates the Parties, voice chat lobbies that can be open or closed. Open PArtys will (it makes sense) leave the doors open to users present in the friends list, while closed Parties will only be accessible by invitation. The old generation of consoles will not be outdone: PlayStation 4 users will also be able to participate in these Open Parties and will also be able to adjust the individual volume of each participant. This last feature was currently only available on PS5.

The other novelties are to be found at the level of the user interface. It will thus be possible to filter its games by genre – a luxury for players with an excessive toy library. The trophy menu and lists will also get a major makeover and show which are the best trophies to hunt (a feature already found on Xbox consoles). Finally, some accessibility improvements will be added to the options. Players with hearing impairments will be able to set the sound output to mono on headphones, and the on-screen text narrator will support new languages: Arabic, Korean, Danish, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian.

Note that for our North American and British neighbors, this beta will launch another major novelty: control of the console by voice commands. It will thus be possible to perform certain actions, such as launching a game or an application, simply by voice through the microphone integrated into the DualSense controller. It will suffice to introduce his orders with a “Hey PlayStation” as is customary in other voice-activated devices. Only available in English for the moment, this feature should undoubtedly be available in French in the weeks or months to come.

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