a new system update is here, what’s up?

Sony is taking advantage of the update on PS4 and PS5 to give news of the variable refresh rate, which is coming soon.

The many players on PlayStation consoles, whether PS4 or PS5, received a notification on March 23 informing them that an update was to be deployed. Indeed, Sony proceeded with a wave of international deployment after a period of beta testing which has visibly paid off. Here are the main new features brought by this update.

After the beta, the final version

As usual, on PS5, Sony is making subtle changes to the Game Base, trophies and Party chat. First, players now have the ability to create or join Open or Closed Parties. This option is available through the Game Base. With closed parties, only players you invite can enter.

The shared game is also more accessible since it is no longer necessary to share your screen to launch it. It is available directly from the player’s chat sheet. On PS4, you can also adapt the volume of each player in Party, as is already possible on PS5.

The Game Base also knows some small changes. It is now divided into three different tabs, through which you can access messages, parties or even friends. This allows you to have better visibility on all of your social activities. It is also easier to refuse a friend’s request or to see who is sharing their screen thanks to a new icon. Subtle changes therefore, but which can prove to be practical on a daily basis.

Better organization in your games

Finally, you will notice changes in the interface. First, if you have a more than provided library, you can now sort your games by genre to better find your way around. You can also choose to pin certain games or applications on the home screen to always find them in the same place, although you can display up to 14 icons.

On top of all that, Sony is adding some accessibility features as well as a new visual style for the Trophies interface. If you were part of the test group when the beta rolled out in February, you already have access to all of these features. Otherwise, you can already download the update via your console settings.

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