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To infinity and beyond ! After “Red Alert” and the discovery of Chinese culture, Pixar offers us this time a flight into space with ” Buzz Lightning “. The film tells the origins of the character who encouraged the famous toy in the Toy Story saga. And the least we can say is that this new baby from Pixar promises us a great space epic. In this article, discover the story, the release date and the trailer of the movie “Buzz Lightyear”.

On the way to the stars

We are not born heroes. We become “. Before becoming the mythical Space Ranger that we all know, who was Buzz Lightyear? In this new trailer, discover the famous hero in his debut in crazy (my)adventures through the galaxy. The film follows Buzz as he is lost in the stars and will do anything to get home safe and sound.

But the path will obviously be strewn with many pitfalls. Accompanied by Socks, his adorable pet robot-cat, Buzz finds himself face to face with terrible killing machines in the pay of Zurg… The one we all already know as our hero’s nemesis!

To infinity and beyond !

This new trailer leaves no room for doubt: “Buzz Lightyear” will be a film that is both funny and action-packed. It’s clear that fans and viewers won’t have time to get bored between Socks’ hilarious lines and star chases!

Directed by Angus MacLane, the film arrives in theaters on June 22, 2022. In the casting, Chris Evans (Captain America) will lend his voice to Buzz. Taika Waititi (Thor Ragnarok) and singer Keke Palmer will also be there, but in roles that the production has not yet revealed.

Buzz Lightyear movie trailer

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