a new trailer unveiled, the release date postponed

Disney+ has just released a brand new trailer for its upcoming Star Wars series, simply titled Andor. On the other hand, the platform takes the opportunity at the same time to slightly postpone the broadcast date of the series.

star wars andor

In a few weeks, Disney + will kick off its new series Star Wars: Andor. Just to keep the fans waiting, Disney + offers them a new trailer of this series which will dwell on the fate of Cassian Andor, a well-known resistance hero, since he is one of the central characters of the film Rogue One.

But while the series was originally scheduled to begin airing on August 31, 2022, Disney+ decided to push it back a few weeks. Andor will therefore be broadcast from September 21, 2022. The streaming platform has not given an explanation for this postponement, but it is likely that it has revised its copy because of another series that will still be airing: She-Hulk. No connection between the two? Yes, but Disney+ has made a habit of ensuring that Star Wars series do not interfere with the broadcasts of its Marvel series, and vice versa.

Disney+ pushes back Andor release date, but offers 3 episodes all at once

The trailer reveals how Cassian Andor attempts to sabotage the Empire from within. We also discover the conditions under which he was recruited by the Rebel Alliance. It is also an opportunity to find another main character of Rogue One in the person of Saw Guerrera, played by Forest Whitaker.

As mentioned above, we will nevertheless have to wait until September 21, 2022 to witness the grand launch of this new Star Wars series. On the other hand, if Disney postpones the release date of Andor by 3 weeks, there is still excellent news: the platform will broadcast the first 3 episodes on the same day.

This is the first time that Disney+ has released so many episodes of a new series in one go. Remember, however, that Andor will have no less than 12 episodes, where a series like Obi-Wan only has 6. It is very likely that after September 21, the broadcast will return to normal with one episode per week. At this rate, the Andor series should therefore be broadcast until November 23, 2022.

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