A Nintendo Switch Pro for next year?

The boss of Nintendo suggests that a new console could arrive by the next fiscal year.

Only a few days ago, Nintendo revealed its financial results for the last quarter. It’s always an opportunity to look at the titles that have started well, on console sales, but also on the future projects of companies. Regarding Nintendo, we did not have many clues about what the firm was preparing, but its CEO Shuntaro Furukawa remedies the situation via an interview.

Granted to the Nikkei media, the boss speaks about the firm’s projects on the hardware side, and his decision is final, there will be no new console during this fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2023. Rumors around a Nintendo Switch Pro for this end of the year therefore simply fall into the water. However, this revives the hope of getting your hands on it as soon as next year.

2023, the year of Nintendo?

Indeed, this declaration only puts a brake on the output of the console, without putting a complete stop to it. The end of the fiscal year has arrived very quickly, and Shuntaro Furukawa has not yet ruled out anything for the future. If we can also expect the release of a brand new console (there is no mention of the Switch Pro in particular), the developers at Nintendo had already specified that the Nintendo Switch was only halfway through its life in 2021.

We can therefore logically think that the next machine marketed will be a fourth iteration of the Switch… this time with 4K support? Nothing prevents us from dreaming. But as you will have understood, we have no more information on a possible new console, apart from this little statement which gives us hope for 2023. This would be an opportunity to present one to us while the firm admits a small decline in terms of hardware sales.

It must be said that the Nintendo Switch OLED had not won the hearts of all gamers, mainly because it did not meet their expectations in terms of technical specifications. Still too far behind its main competitors, namely Sony and Microsoft with their new generation machines, the Switch OLED remains a good product, which would have deserved even more improvements to suit a wider audience.

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