a phone holder with integrated Powerbank and wireless charging!

a phone holder with integrated Powerbank and wireless charging!

The Cyclotron is a phone holder with integrated Powerbank for bicycles, motorcycles and electric scooters. It clips to your handlebars so you can safely check your phone while riding and keep it charged for the whole ride.

The French brand Sunslice recently launched its Cyclotron, a phone holder for your bike or motorbike, with an integrated battery with wireless charging. Sold at a price of 59.99 euros, the latter will be very practical for your long walks in order to use the GPS of your smartphone without fear of running out of battery.

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Cyclotron: an imposing, but practical support

This phone holder is quite large (100 x 152 x 35 mm for 245g), it can be fixed on a bicycle, a scooter or a motorcycle, but more difficult on a scooter as you can see below.

Water resistant, this support which is both solid and massive, comes with two fixing systems, one for any type of handlebar up to approximately 30 mm, it is a system with a ring tightening with addition of a non-slip silicone so that the whole thing is sufficiently resistant to all types of terrain. The other system is dedicated to motorcycles with a fixed and flexible fixing provided on the side of the mirror.

On one edge of the support, there is a series of blue LEDs to get an idea of ​​the state of the battery, while on the other opposite edge there is an on / off button, allowing not only to turn on the battery, but also a white LED of 250 Lumens facilitating the front lighting of your bike. Finally, on the bottom, there are the two USB ports used for charging the battery (5V / 1A – micro USB), but also for charging your smartphone (5V / 2A – USB) using the standard USB cable from your phone.

Finally the most important element, the battery which has a capacity of 5000mAh, which is generally a full charge for a smartphone, and which offers Qi-compatible wireless charging at 5V / 1A. You can even charge it wirelessly or!

This phone holder is adjustable and compatible with all phones, two small knobs on the sides allow you to slide your device and then tighten it well. Once in place, nothing moves, charging begins and you can use your GPS without fear.

When you stop, however, you will have to recover the battery which is very easily detached via an ingenious system of clips located just below it. At least no worries about theft, and if your phone isn’t fully charged you can continue to use it.

Our opinion on the Cyclotron

Practical and fairly simple to use, this little accessory could become a cyclist’s best friend. The battery offers a fairly interesting capacity and wireless charging is a real plus, even if it is very slow, let’s face it. Too bad the Cyclotron is difficult to use because of its size for users of an electric scooter. The product is in any case well functional, your smartphone is properly maintained and being able to easily use Google Maps while cycling without worrying about the autonomy of your smartphone is a pleasure.

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