a poignant trailer for this next Netflix movie

Fans of historical films, netflix is preparing to add one to its already extensive catalog. The streaming giant unveiled a first trailer for ” In the west, nothing is new », a feature film freely adapted from the eponymous book by Erich Maria Remarque. This famous pacifist work has already had two film adaptations in 1930 and 1979. Prepare the tissues, because the Netflix version promises to be as moving as its predecessors.

The horrors of war

” In the west, nothing is new ” recounts the horrors of the First World War through the poignant story of Paul, a young German soldier. We follow Paul and his two friends, Albert and Muller, an inseparable trio who decides to enlist in the army. Full of goodwill and patriotic fervor, they go to the front, but the enthusiasm quickly gives way to horror when they face the horrors of war. Paul and his friends will try to stay alive, but daily life in the trenches is full of danger, misery and death. How not to sink into despair?

A shocking trailer

You will have understood, “In the West nothing new” is an extremely touching film. Just by watching the trailer, some may well shed a little tear. The video promises a dark and poignant story, with endearing characters and tragic moments. “In the West nothing new” will be available on Netflix on October 28, 2022.

Official teaser of the movie In the West nothing new (VF)

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