a Pokémon GO with Marvel sauce and a Tron Identity narrative game

The D23 convention is of course an opportunity for Disney to unveil many film and TV series projects. But the group did not stop there: it also presented several games based on the Disney and Marvel universes!

Players won’t be bored over the next few months with the many titles announced during the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase at the D23 convention. Presented in a form reminiscent of the Nintendo Direct, the event was the occasion for an explosion of novelties to come.

Mysterious game around Black Panther and Captain America

Probably the most intriguing of these projects is Tron Identitywhich is a visual novel of which you are the hero! Developed by Bithell Games, it will be released next year.

Black Panther and Captain America will form an alliance in a game that has no name yet, in the making at Skydance New Media. In addition to the two heroes already mentioned, we will find Azzuri, the Black Panther of the Second World War; US soldier Gabriel Jones; and Nanali, spy from Wakanda.

Another surprise, a partnership between Niantic (Pokémon GO) and Disney which will lead to marvel world of heroes ! Players will be able to patrol their neighborhood to fight crime with augmented reality. Expected release in 2023.

This is one of the big games of this end of the year: Marvel’s Midnight Sunsa strategy game from the creators of XCOM, Firaxis Game, will be released on December 2 on PC, Xbox Series X/S and PS4. The card game marvel snap will be available on PC and mobile platforms on October 18. Finally, Return to Monkey Island, the latest episode of the famous saga, will be released on PC and Switch on September 19. The game will contain a scrapbook returning to previous episodes of the franchise.

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