a prequel to The Lion King, the sequel to Inside Out, and many other announcements!

Disney has multiplied the announcements during the convention of its official fan club, D23. In terms of films and series, several surprises have been announced, and when we talk about surprises, it’s not overused.

The announcements during the D23 convention followed one another at a crazy pace, with titles that fans were waiting for and others that were completely new. This is the case of Mufasa: The Lion Kinga prequel to Lion King directed by Barry Jenkins. The film won’t be released until 2024, but it’s already in production.

A Disney+ series at Pixar

In terms of adaptations of classics in live action, lovers of The little Mermaid will be entitled to a film to be released in May 2023! Halle Bailey takes on the role of Ariel in this feature film by Rob Marshall.

Another surprise, the announcement of Peter Pan & Wendy, in which Wendy (Ever Anderson) will discover the origins of the rivalry between Peter Pan (Alexander Molony) and Captain Hook, played by none other than Jude Law! The film, directed by David Lowery, will be available on Disney+ next year.

Many novelties also on the side of Pixar with a big announcement, that of Inside Out 2Following Vice versa ! Scheduled for summer 2024, the animated film will star Joy (Amy Poehler) and teenage girl Riley. Before, we will be entitled to elemental scheduled for June 16, 2023, the story of immigrants in a city where the four elements (fire, air, earth, water) try to live together.


Win or Lose will be the first Pixar series for Disney+, which will follow the adventures of a softball coach. Each episode will have a unique visual style. It is planned for the fall of 2023. Finally, elio is a project featuring an 11-year-old boy who, following a misunderstanding, becomes a galactic ambassador for Earth! Expected release in spring 2024.


Difficult to summarize everything so many announcements have been made, but we can also mention Hocus Pocus 2 (with Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker) which can be seen on September 30 on Disney+, Disenchanted (with Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey) which will be released in cinemas, Haunted Mansion the adaptation of the Disney parks attraction (starring Jamie Lee Curtis) in theaters next year, or even Snow Whitethe live adaptation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves planned for 2024.

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