a product designed for eco-responsible refills

In recent years, wireless charging has been in vogue and engineers are constantly innovating and offering us more and more elegant and efficient products. When the Fredzone team came to me asking me to test the “Marble” wireless charging stone from the Einova brand, I was immediately won over by the concept.

What do we know about the brand? Einova is the consumer brand retail of the company Eggtronic, specialized in power electronics, created since 2020, it offers high-end technological accessories, with an astonishing design. The company’s requirement: to combine aesthetics with the limitation of the energy impact on the environment.

What does the packaging tell us?

Let’s start before talking about the product itself with the packaging, which is very neat. It weighs a bit, which makes sense considering the Charger is carved from 100% genuine marble straight from Italy. We therefore do not imagine this product in a handbag, but rather as a real decorative object at home. Moreover, we have no doubt when unpacking the qualitative aspect of the stone and the meticulous importance of the details.

I really like the very bright tones of the box which contrast with the minimalism and sobriety of the marble. On the side of the box, a Qr code that allows us to access the brand’s website and view all the other products live. The contents of the packaging are simplistic but very elegant, there are no false notes with the design of the product.

The explanatory note is square in the form of carousel-type cards, the charging stone is wireless and the most common mains adapter. I can’t wait to test it, as the product is beautiful and fits perfectly with my interior. Even the cord which measures approximately 90 cm is in braided cord which adds a touch of sophistication to the product.

The design, but not only…

The “Einova marble” is compatible with all Qi devices, meaning all those with magnetic induction technology. I was a little scared with my iphone 12, but no worries, quite the contrary. When plugged in via my mac’s adapter USB socket, the connection with the stone was instantaneous. So practical to put your mobile next to you and not worry about anything. Its circular shape of 12 cm in diameter and two cm in height gives it a perfect size.

Its weight is around 550 grams, it’s not nothing, so we regret the non-nomadic side of the tool, intended to remain fixed. Under the stone, a velvet-like material that gives the product grip and prevents it, in addition to its weight, from moving. We do not imagine a device without buttons as intuitive and yet, it is quite impressive. Be sure to remove your protective shells if they are too large, as they would prevent the magnetic fields from passing through.

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