A range of 1,000 km and very fast charging for these new generation batteries

CATL is one of the battery heavyweights for electric vehicles. The Chinese group, which supplies some of the main car manufacturers, has announced a new generation of lithium-ion battery with astonishing performance.

Electric cars will prevail in the years to come, if only because of the legislation which, in Europe as elsewhere in the world, is pushing thermal engines into retirement. This transition benefits battery suppliers, including the Chinese giant CATL.

Quick charge in 10 minutes

The company, which supplies car manufacturers Volkswagen and Tesla, among others, has announced the arrival next year of the third generation of CTP (Cell-to-Pack) lithium-ion batteries. Named Qilin after a creature from Chinese mythology, this battery has a density of 255 Wh/kg, which has two highly sought-after assets in the industry.

The first is autonomy: a car equipped with a Qilin battery can drive 1,000 km without having to refuel! This will probably be the case, in the long term, at Volkswagen, which uses this type of battery. At Tesla too, such autonomy is to be expected, even if the American manufacturer relies on LFP batteries with a density of 160 Wh/kg.

The second advantage is the recharging time of these future batteries. The fast charge, which makes it possible to reach 80% of the battery, will only require 10 minutes from the terminal. A performance obtained thanks to the very efficient cooling system between the cells. The production of these new generation batteries will begin next year, the first customers will be supplied in stride. We can hope for serious autonomy gains in future cars.

CATL is also developing the second generation of its sodium-ion batteries which use only small amounts of nickel. The goal is to achieve a density of 200 Wh/kg, or 40 Wh/kg more.

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